Exclusive interview with The Detour’s Ashley Gerasimovich

The Gerasimovich girls all started acting pretty much out of the womb, but for middle daughter Ashley it’s turned into a star-making turn on TBS’s The Detour, which is heading into its third season. If you’ve yet to see the show, think road trip turned ridiculously wrong ala RV or We’re the Millers. Thirteen-year-old Ashley plays quirky and savage Delilah Parker and she’s a scene stealer if ever there were one. In truth, both Ashley and Liam Carroll, who plays her brother Jared, often draw bigger laughs over their adult leads, Jason Jones and Natalie Zea. Talk Nerdy had the chance to speak with Ashley and she’s every bit as fun and adorkable as you’d hope her to be. Keep an eye on this one, we predict she’s just getting started.

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The Gerasimovich’s seem to be a family of actors with you and your sisters, Alexa and Erin, all working in the business. Who was the first to be bitten by the acting bug and how did you get your start?

My older sister, Alexa, actually got her start as a baby model, which opened the door for me and Erin. We also started out with baby modeling. That continued until I was two years old when the “terrible twos” hit! My mom put me on “semi-retirement,” as she called it, until I was 5. Then I got my first audition, and landed my first role. I’ve been acting ever since!

You play the sarcastic and sharp Delilah Parker on TBS’s The Detour, opposite Jason Jones, Natalie Zea and Liam Carroll. The Parker’s are messy, loveable lunatics who move from one zany misadventure to another. What’s the best thing about being part of this crazy “family” and what’s the nuttiest thing you’ve been able to do as part of the show?

At this point, the cast is like my second family! I have so much fun with them, and I think we all work really well together. Singing the “It’s Fun Being Weird” song is the nuttiest thing I’ve done on the show. I had so much fun filming that scene, and I rocked that starfish costume!

Season 3 starts Jan 23rd. Let’s talk about that, erm, “hairy” promo poster. Do you find the beard a good look for you? Did you actually wear a beard for that pic, or is that all photoshopped? Lastly, what does the promo tell us about the third season?

ABSOLUTELY, the beard looks amazing on me. It really ties together the mess of blonde hair I have on my head! Also, no, we didn’t wear the beards for the picture. I was actually super surprised when I saw the poster for the first time! As for what the promo it tells you, it should imply that the Parker’s haven’t had time to clean up for a while….

Without spoilers, what was your favorite part of filming season three, both personally and where it takes Delilah as a character?

Personally, my favorite part was working with alpacas! THEY WERE SO CUTE AND FLUFFY! I gave them SEVERAL hugs. As for how my character is developing, I really like how Delilah is turning more and more into a teenager and seeing how the insanity of her family affects her.

Think you’d ever go off the grid in Alaska? Where did you all actually film? And what’s one thing you could NOT live without if you were stuck in the boonies somewhere?

That would definitely be an interesting experience, but I think I could do it. We actually filmed in Canada, and I had a blast there! It’s so fun seeing new places! I definitely couldn’t live without a sketchpad and some pencils. I LOVE to draw, so I would totally need those for me to stay sane.

I must say, you’re quite the comedic actress. Name two comedy heroes (one dead, one alive) you’d do anything to work with.

Thank you so much! The two comedy heroes I would absolutely love(d) to work with are Robin Williams and Will Farrell.  I LOVE their work. They’re hilarious! I think it would be really fun if I had the chance to work with them.

Do you have any other projects you’re working on? What is something else you’d like to tackle in acting that you have yet to do?

I’m not working on anything else besides The Detour at the moment, but I’m auditioning! I would love to try voice acting. It looks so fun and it would be such a great new experience!

We know what makes Delilah a delightful nut, what makes Ashley one and how are you both similar and different from your character?

I think I would describe myself as someone who tries to make others laugh 24/7. I see myself as an optimist as well! I’m similar to Delilah because we’re both smart, sarcastic, and think it’s fun being weird! She has a better fashion sense then I do though. She’s also street smart, while I’m more book smart.

We at Talk Nerdy with Us embrace our geeky passions with heart and soul. What does Ashley geek out about?

I AM A TOTAL GEEK! I love drawing and writing stories. My head is constantly flowing with ideas. I also obsess over the show Steven Universe. It’s so good! I love science, too. It’s so interesting to learn about how the world works. I like learning random facts as well! I may or may not have three notebooks solely dedicated to random facts.

Season 3 of The Detour begins Tues. Jan. 23 on TBS @ 10:30-9:30c. Keep up with Ashley on Twitter & Instagram.

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