American Vandal: The Satirical Mockumentary We All Needed

This past September, Netflix released another one of its original series called American Vandal and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen.

If you’re up for a good laugh, check out the first season on Netflix. But first, let me give you a little summary of what American Vandal is all about. It’s basically a true crime/satire/mockumentary/parody series following the aftermath of a high school prank gone wild as twenty-seven faculty members’ cars are discovered to be vandalized with hand-painted penises.

When senior class clown, Dylan Maxwell, is accused of the crime, given his history of actually drawing penises around campus and mocking his teachers, he is expelled from school until further notice.

However, sophomore filmmaker Peter Maldonaldo takes it upon himself to dig deeper and start an actual investigation: picking up clues, interviewing students, and doing his own police work to prove Dylan’s innocence.

The funny thing about this premise is how convincing they make the whole series look. Not gonna lie, while watching the first episode I thought this was a real incident. That’s how well each episode of American Vandal is executed.

The smart analogies and attention to detail that goes into trying to prove Dylan’s innocence is hilarious and brilliant.

The question that keeps on lurking…who dunnit?

Seriously, check it out and see for yourself.


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