Thoughts While Binging Fuller House Season 3B

Netflix’s Fuller House is back with the second half of season 3. These nine episodes brought a lot of changes for the Fuller-Tanner family, and ultimately, the entire series as a whole. I decided to write my first thoughts/reactions to each episode as I binge-watched these episodes over the Christmas holiday. Basically, this post is everything I would have put on Twitter if I had decided to live-tweet the entire thing. Keep reading to see what I thought.


3×10 — “My Best Friend’s Japanese Wedding”

3×11 — “Troller Coaster”

3×12 — “Fast Times at Bayview High”

3×13 — “A Tommy Tale”

3×14 — “Surrogate City”

3×15 — “Soul Sisters”

3×16 — “Happily Ever After”

3×17 — “Fullers in a Fog”

3×18 — “Here Comes the Sun”

Let’s hope Netflix renews Fuller House for a season four. I need DJ and Steve to walk down the aisle and for them, Jackson, Max and Tommy to all be one big, happy family.

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