Legends of Tomorrow 3×09 Recap: Beebo Be Gone

This episode was slow and lacked an impactful plot typical of a mid-season finale. However, if you hold out to the end, you get some emotional moments as well as a goodbye.

We open on young Martin Stein, patiently waiting in line for a Beebo doll for his then 5-year-old daughter, Lily. After a fun sequence where Martin runs away with his Beebo, as all the other parents chase him, he gets transported back to the Viking age. This results in the Vikings conquering all of North America (or New Valhalla) and Beebo becoming the new god of the Vikings.

Of course after the fun, Beebo-filled first half, Odin (Damien Darhk in a wig) shows up. The Legends, with the help of Ava from the Time Bureau, chase Darhk and his daughter off again. Sara winds up briefly in another dimension controlled by Mallus who threatens her, before she is pulled out by Ava. However, neither the Vikings nor Darhk/Mallus were really the main story of this episode.

The bigger focus was on Jax and young Martin. Of course, Jax tried to warn Martin of his death in 2017 by writing a note, Back to the Future style. But Martin refused to read it. There was a lovely parting moment between the two of them that helped both Jax and the audience heal from Stein’s death. Unfortunately, Jax chose to leave the Waverider after that.

It’s unsurprising that with the other half of Firestorm gone, Jax would be written off the show. He’s had a huge arc this season that allowed him to grow emotionally. However, I don’t think Jax’s story is finished, and I hope the Legends of Tomorrow creative team realizes his character has always been more than just Firestorm.

Leo Snart is still with the Legends, though the opposite of the Leonard Snart we (and Mick) know and love. However, it seems Mick and Leo are learning to understand each other. The episode ended with John Constantine showing up and proclaiming that a demon was possessing a little girl, and it knew Sara’s name. It looks like when Legends of Tomorrow comes back, it’ll have more of the horror feel of Constantine.

Highlights of the Episode:

Leo inviting the Legends to talk to him about Stein’s death, then taking out a Professor Martin Stein hand puppet.

The Legends’ reactions to said hand puppet (Mick’s was to punch it, Ray’s was to ask it an advanced scientific question, and Nate’s was to correct Leo’s Stein impression).

Ray hiding in a Beebo to confuse the Vikings.

It may have been heavy handed, but the moment where Jax and Stein take hands for what will be the last time for Jax. The fire in the background was a nice touch.

Sara waiting up for Jax like a mom whose kid snuck out on a school night.

The Legends throwing a farewell party for Jax, and his speech that both insulted and praised them.

Best Quotes:

Amaya: I think everyone copes in their own ways.
Leo (to hand puppet and Amaya): It’s clear the Legends are ill equipped to cope at all.
Amaya: This way – this is wrong.

Mick: GIDEON!  The beer tastes like sewage water
Gideon: Was that a question, Mr. Rory?
Mick: Don’t get smart lady.

*As Nate and Amaya are trying to escape with Beebo*
Beebo: Oohoohoohoohoo I luh-luh-love you
Amaya (whispering): I accidentally squeezed him
Nate: He’s so damn huggable

Jax: When Grey first dragged me onboard this ship, I thought it was the last place I wanted to be. I mean you were all a bunch of screw-ups, B-list superheroes, washed up bank robbers – no offense. But the thing is, when you get a bunch of broken pieces and put them together in the right way, you make something new. And suddenly you don’t feel so broken anymore. And I’m pretty sure that’s what a family is.

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