Exclusive Interview with Lindsey Lamer

Lindsey Lamer (photo credit: Brandon Showers)

I understand you got the acting bug after watching your older sister, Lauren, pursue her dream of being an actress. What was it about acting that appealed to you and how did you get started?

I’ve always loved performing for others. I wanted to be like my big sister who is an inspiration and role model. I got started when my sister’s agent submitted me for a Sonic commercial and I booked the role. My younger brother is also an actor.

You’re probably best known for playing Young Riley on Girl Meets World. Not only were you adorable, you perfectly captured her quirky, unique spirit. What was your favorite part of being on the show and had you watched the series before joining the cast?

Thank you for the sweet compliment. ? I’ve always been a Disney fan, so being cast as Young Riley was like a dream! My big sister and I watched the series before I joined the cast. My parents watched Boy Meets World when they were young. Playing young Riley was not any different from acting like myself.

The cast and crew were so kind and the atmosphere was fun and friendly. Girl Meets World fans are the best, so supportive and sweet. I was very fortunate to have worked with Michael Jacobs, the creator of Girl Meets World.

Girl Meets World (Lindsey far right)

You’re only 10 years old and you’ve already done voice work (Medal of Honor), TV series and movies. That’s very impressive for someone so young! If you ask most kids what they want to be when they grow up they change their minds several times along the way. Do you think acting is something you’ll still want to do when you’re older or do you have other dreams you want to pursue?

Thank you! I love acting and hope to continue working as I get older. I would also like to become a chef or make-up artist. Creating things like characters, pastries or new looks is exciting to me.

What’s your biggest acting dream right now? Is there a particular role or show you’d just love to do?

I would love to work with Debby Ryan from Jessie and Gal Gadot from Wonder Woman. Jessie is my favorite television show. Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. Gal Gadot represents a strong role model for girls and shows that girls can be superheroes too.

Broken Memories – Lindsey w/ Rance Howard

Your latest movie, Broken Memories, is about Jasper, an older gentleman struggling with Alzheimer’s and the affect it has on both him and his caretaker son. What can you tell us about your part in it?

My character, Emmy, is the daughter of Jasper’s (Rance Howard) caretaker, Maggie (Kelly Greyson). My character spends time talking with Jasper at his farm house. You can download Broken Memories on VOD. It’s a beautiful family film.

We were so sorry to hear that your co-star, the legendary Rance Howard, just passed away. What was it like working on a movie with him and meeting his family at the premiere?

Rance Howard was a legend and my family was heartbroken to learn of his passing. Rance was extraordinarily talented and so down-to-earth. My dad and I hung out with him on set and we talked about growing up in Oklahoma. All three of us are from Oklahoma.

 Meeting Rance’s family, Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard, at the premier was such an honor. I am a huge fan of How The Grinch Stole Christmas [directed by Ron] and Jurassic World [starred Bryce]. The premier was a night I will never forget.

What other projects do you have in the works for fans to look forward to?

I filmed a Honda Clarity commercial last month. I have two movies coming out next spring: Zero Tolerance and Edge of Insanity.

Lastly, we’re called Talk Nerdy With Us. What’s something you nerd out about? It can be TV, movies, books, hobbies, whatever you’re passionate about!  

I love cats, watching Jessie and Bunk’d and playing Minecraft with my brother. ?

You can follow Lindsey on Twitter and Instagram  And click here for more info on the award-winning Broken Memories or watch this poignant film on VOD.

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