Daphne Willis keeps getting better with “Dopamine”

From the singer-songwriter who brought us the sentimental song “Somebody’s Someone” comes a song about finding that one person we all want to find. With soft rock influences and lyrics that will get anyone singing along, Willis has truly broken down walls in the music industry. From someone who believes in spreading mental health awareness through her music, as we found out in our exclusive interview with the singer, Willis is doing just that.

Although the song title has to do with a popular drug, the love Willis sings about on the track far from harmful and acts as something that keeps her going when times get rough. “Dopamine” speaks to the love addiction many people feel when entering a new relationship. Willis’s lyrics resonate with the listener because what she is singing about everyone has gone through, or will go through, at some point. By using the analogy of love as a drug in music is not new, but Daphne Willis has a way of making the old-age analogy all her own.

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