Talk Nerdy With Us Returns to Unity Days as Press: What We’re Excited For

With news of Unity Days 2018 dropping recently, the girls behind the Talk Nerdy With Us press that attended 2017’s convention wasted no time in agreeing to attend next year as well. This includes Allison Schonter, Caitlin Walsh, and myself, Kelsey Juntwait.
Explain to someone who is on the fence about going why they should go!

Allison: If you’re on the fence about going to Unity Days, there are a million reasons that you should go. There are the obvious reasons, like getting to meet the cast and seeing the very place where the show is filmed, but I think that one of the most important reasons is because Unity Days is exactly what it sounds like – it’s unifying.  All of these different factions of the fandom are coming together for this one event, and it doesn’t matter who you ship or who your favorite character is. By the time the weekend is over, you’ll leave with dozens of new friends, some of whom will become lifelong friends.  It’s just a really amazing and refreshing experience.

Caitlin: Last year, I took a chance on going to this con. I had saved less money than I would’ve liked, I was in between jobs, I’d never been to any conventions before, I’d never traveled out of the country, and I hadn’t been on a plane since I was 9 years old. At some point, though, I just decided to do it. I had the plane ticket. I had the hotel reservation. It was time to just…jump. I haven’t regretted it for a second since then.

I wasn’t sure how people would be there. Twitter can distort your fandom experience sometimes. While I’ve made some of my best friends because of Twitter and shared fandom experiences, I’ve also been on the receiving end of some nasty hate because someone didn’t like the same things I’ve liked. I wasn’t sure what to expect from people in person.

I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the best experience of my life. Period. Everyone was kind, everyone was there for the same reason – they were all passionate about the same show. Their reasons may have varied, but everyone was just there to love this little show, and it was like a super nerd camp better than anything I could’ve dreamed up on my own. The actors were extraordinarily kind and down to earth. The other fans were joys to be around. For a few days, we all got to put faces to the names we so often interacted with on Twitter or Tumblr, we got to meet new friends, we got to live our best lives. It was like all the best parts of summer camp, college (with a dash of Hollywood) all rolled into one.

Kelsey: I get it- cons can be intimidating. They can be expensive and draining and scary and overwhelming. That’s probably why it took me so long to finally get to one. But when you can finally put all of that to the side, cons can be so much more than the initial anxiety they can often cause.

Unity Days 2017 was my first con and I’ll be honest when I say that I was nervous as ever to go. I was traveling to a foreign country with people I’d mostly only interacted with over the internet. Of course I was nervous, so it’s absolutely fine that you are too. But I beg you to try and find some spark inside of you that’ll overcome whatever is holding you back, and buy that ticket to Vancouver. The best way I can describe going to Unity Days is with this- “the best decision I’ve ever made.” If you’re on the fence about going, reach out to people who are going and I guarantee you that you’ll be persuaded to come!

What are you most excited about for next year?

Allison: Is “everything” an acceptable answer here? Because there isn’t a single thing that I’m not excited for! I am really excited about reuniting with the rest of presskru and seeing all of the hardwork that Leana, Miah, Linda, and Shane have put into creating the convention. I’m also really looking forward to seeing all of the friends that I made last year.

Caitlin: Honestly? I’m most excited to meet up with everyone in the fandom, again. There are so many people who participate in this fandom in such positive and wonderful ways, and meeting them was such a pleasure last year. I can’t wait to see the Meta Station podcast ladies again, and the Afictionados podcast team. I can’t wait to see Sam Coley (who writes amazing reviews, and not just for The 100 – please go read her work!), and to see Jo Garfein back in action running another CGL auction and spreading positivity wherever she goes. Also, she was a legendary panel host so I’m so ready to see her up on that stage, again.

I’m also really stoked to see the cast, again, of course – especially getting the chance to meet Zach McGowan this year! I’ve loved his work since his days way back when as Jody on Shameless, and, of course, I loved Roan. (Still holding out hope that he’s somehow still alive – let a girl dream, would you?)

Kelsey: There’s a certain feeling that you experience when you’re surrounded with people who have sold their souls to the same thing you have, who have become emotionally invested in the same characters as you. I’m not sure what the name of this feeling is but it exists and it’s extraordinary. I want to feel that again.

What’s something you’re excited about hearing for season 5 from the cast? What questions do you have for the cast?

Allison: Basically anything that they can tease! I still can’t get over that time jump that season 4 ended with! So much will have changed for the characters and for relationships, and I’m just dying to know literally anything about season 5!

How do they still all look so good in a post-apocalyptic world?! But really, what kind of skincare routine did Clarke have to clear up those blisters? Also, any behind the scenes stories that they can share.

Caitlin: I’m also so psyched to see the actors again, and see what they have to say about some of those major season 4 moments as well as whatever they can tell us about season 5. I mean, it’s almost like we’re jumping into a whole new show with that time jump, so I can’t wait to hear what they’re excited for us to see and what they think of the new world order on The 100.

I’d love to know how Madi is going to fit in with Clarke’s Skaikru family when they all reconnect, and if there’s any chance that there are more Madi’s – more nightbloods – out there anywhere. I’m also dying to know how things went in the bunker, and if Octavia is still in charge, or if they’ve gone with a more democratic system, things like that. And what about space – will we get flashbacks? Even if they had each other, seven people in space with only themselves to keep each other company – that must be maddening, at times. And then, of course, they weren’t all alone up in space – would love to know what the deal is with that….

Mostly, I’m just excited to hear something about who they’re characters are since they’ve all matured quite a bit now and have gone through the apocalypse 2.0 – and how they’ll all fit back in together, if they do at all.

Kelsey: Like everyone else, I have so many questions about season four’s finale. The writers really do a fabulous job with leaving it’s viewers on the absolute edge of our seats, and this past year was no exception. So I have some questions: First off, who is alive? They wouldn’t dare kill off a main character during hiatus… right? What is Octavia’s leadership style in the bunker? Marie Avgeropoulos mentioned recently at San Diego Comic Con that her way of leading is a little darker than what we’re used to. How dark has she gone? How is Clarke’s relationship with Madi going to change once they find people again. Will the season flashback to what we missed during these past 6 years!? I could keep going…

What’s something that happened last year that you absolutely want to see again (a specific panel, a certain guest, ext.)?

Allison: I mean, hanging out with the cast at the hotel bar was pretty cool. Just interacting with the cast outside of autographs and panels and photo ops was really cool. And yeah, all of the panels with the cast were great, but the panels with presskru were just as amazing! So I’m hoping to see more panels like that.

Caitlin: Oh, man. Picking just one thing is nearly impossible. I really, really loved the first panel of the whole weekend – the Meta Panel with Claire, Erin, Sam, Brittany, Robyn and Jo. They all feed off each other well and are hilarious, yes, but they also break this show down like no others. I simultaneously felt like I needed to go back to school, and like I earned another Bachelor’s degree just sitting in that audience. I’m also looking forward to placing some bids at the CGL auction – last year I got my hands on the season 2 DVDS, and helped try to kick cancer’s butt, so…mission accomplished.

Like I said, I can’t pick just one moment – but at certain points throughout the weekend, Chelsey, Lindsey and Jessica all had stories to share that hit really close to home. I’m really, really excited to see Lindsey again – I think the world of her, and not only does she own every single scene she’s in, but her heart is all in this. No one cares about Raven Reyes more than Lindsey Morgan, and she puts her entire soul into that character. That was one major takeaway for me last year, and I’m really excited to see her, again, maybe let her know what her work has meant to me and so many others.

Kelsey: The dynamic of the entire cast last year was pure magic, to put it as simply as possible. The way they worked when they were on a stage together was just truly something special. They were funny and engaging and interesting. They played off one another. They had fun together. You could tell that this cast really cares about each other and I think that makes a worldy difference at a convention.

Besides the con, what are you most excited to do or see in Vancouver?

Allison: Obviously I’m excited to see filming locations again, but I’m getting really excited to see more of the city, too.  This time around I’m planning on spending a little more time in Vancouver because the city officially stole my heart last year.

Caitlin: Oh man, there were a ton of fun spots to hit and incredibly breathtaking sights in Vancouver. I’m really stoked to go to Stanley Park again – last year, friends and I found Supergirl filming there, and that was the coolest (both literally and figuratively – it was real cold that day). The Bourbon was a wicked fun bar to go to, so I’ll want to pop by there again…a few times, maybe. And seriously, just walking around Coal Harbor – it’s one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. I live in Boston, harbors and pretty water views are not something new to me – but damn, that is one beautiful spot they’ve got in Vancouver.

Most of all, though? I’m just excited to be back with my fandom family. Some of the best memories I have were in the Pinnacle hotel lobby and bar. Everyone just came together – it was that simple. It was healing. It was surreal.​ It was nerdy.​ I’m ready for that feeling, again.

Kelsey: I’d follow Unity Days to whatever city they wanted to have it in but I’m ecstatic that it’s in Vancouver again. Just the city itself is enough to make me buy a plane ticket across the country. The views are truly and completely jaw-dropping. The people are welcoming and friendly. The sites are fun and worthwhile. I’m most excited to just experience being in this beautiful place again. This next time around, I’m definitely planning to see more of the places The 100 was filmed!

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