Rock and Rollers The Last Bullet Are Aiming Straight At You

Toronto-based hard rockers Last Bullet are proud to announce their new EP 80-69-64. The six song experience is out and available now. Be prepared to go along on a heavy ride with a band not content with merely existing or settling for a few likes on social media. They want the world, and they want it NOW. The five piece band are giving it blood, sweat, and tears, and they have no fear of failure! The guys are living and dying by the metaphor of a name that has served them well, and they play every show as if it were their last, giving the Canadian rock music scene the much needed swagger and attitude it’s been missing for far too long.

The band has been influenced by Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and many more, and this award-winning, self-made quintet has even been part of Canadian hockey history (you can watch a video here) in addition to the multiple national tours and festivals they’ve played over the last eight years. Sharing the stage with countless bands such as Aerosmith, Soundgarden, Jane’s Addiction, Bryan Adams, Buckcherry, Monster Truck, One Bad Son, Bleeker, The Wild, and more, it can be strongly stated that Last Bullet can hold their heads high in any company!

“Like the best one night stand of your life, 80-69-64 is a quick and filthy EP loaded with six rounds of high-caliber rock that’ll hit you harder than a rusty sledgehammer to the balls,” comments vocalist Bryan Fontez.

The new EP was produced and mixed by Brian Moncarz (The Trews, Our Lady Peace, Bleeker, Circa Survive) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Marilyn Manson, Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood) to follow their two previous EPs Love.Lust.Illusion (2012) and self-titled The Last Bullet (2010).

The six song EP opens with a head banging crash of a song called “Sin.” If your body doesn’t start moving to this catchy ear worm of a hard rock song, you may not have a pulse. Brenden Armstrong and Michael Silva give us guitars that scream with passion; you can feel the electricity. Bryan Fontez sings with the defiance of Jim Morrison. Next up is “Gimme Time,” because it is so down with Will Shannon’s bass, a bluesy, pounding sound you can feel all the way down to your feet. I love this kind of music! I don’t like to compare bands, because to me no two bands are exactly the same, but I feel a Five Finger Death Punch vibe with “Bright Lights.” This is an example of a “well oiled machine” because vocals, guitars, bass, and drums come together perfectly for a great rock and roll experience. The guitars let it rip during the bridge of this song. Amazingly this Toronto band nails Southern Rock with the next song, “Southern Lips.” This tune can hold its own against the best of American rock. I’m in love with the bass work on “Smoke and Ashes.” Bass players rarely get the recognition they deserve, but Last Bullet’s Will Shannon, along with their drummer Chris Galaz, make this song succeed. The album ends with the screaming “Little Miss Filthy.”

I enjoyed listening to 80-69-64. It got my head banging, toes tapping, and blood pumping. This is a hard working band, and they give 100% to the music. My only complaint with the EP is the lyrics, which are very Nickelback-esque, not very deep, and not exactly memorable. Music as good as what Last Bullet has given us deserves better.

Last Bullet is Bryan Fontez (lead vocals), guitarists Brenden Armstrong and Michael Silva, bassist Will Shannon, and drummer Chris Galaz. The band is forged with deep passion from five individuals striving to become the “very embodiment of rock n’ roll itself.” The quintet takes great pride in knowing exactly what it takes to get butts shaking, fists pumping, and heads banging, and they do it very well. The band is best known for their intense and electrifying live show. For this Toronto-based quintet, pursuing a career in music is “akin to war.” The music is dramatic and stage is a battlefield, with “leather their armour, instruments their weapons, music their ammo, and failure the enemy.”

This is a band that reveres the historical significance of rock music and gladly embraces the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to succeed in this industry. One of the main reasons Last Bullet has found success by holding themselves accountable for giving fans every ounce of their souls on stage. The very integrity of the band relies on this self-imposed creed:

“Every song will sound better than it does on the album, every time.

Every note will be performed with charisma, emotion, and intensity.

Every dollar of every ticket will be earned in sweat, effort, and passion.

Every single fan will be thanked and appreciated every time, every show.

Nothing is ever good enough. Always strive for perfection, and NEVER plateau.”

You can listen to and purchase the EP on, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play.

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