Unity Days 2018 Announced

With the closing of season 4, fans of The 100 were left with the hiatus blues.  The show has ended for the season, and now comes the long torturous months of waiting.  But Unity Events Canada has made the wait a little more bearable and has given fans something else to look forward to.  Unity Days 2018 is a go!

Set to take place January 19-21 in Vancouver, the very place where The 100 is filmed, Unity Days will continue on its mission of creating a convention entirely for the fans.  Just like on the show, Unity Days is about unifying the fandom and creating a place where fans, no matter what part of the fandom they reside, can come together and celebrate their common interest in the show.

Specifics about the convention aren’t yet known, and no guests have been announced, but keep your eyes open because we’ll be bringing you all of the latest updates about Unity Days 2018 (aka #TwonityDays).

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