SDCC 2017 Exhibit Floor: MTV out, Netflix in

As a native of San Diego Comic Con, I find it difficult to get excited about things every year.

Oh, who am I kidding, that’s a total lie! Going on my third year as press for the convention is just as exciting as ever. The vibe of San Diego Comic Con is beautiful and untouchable and always a highlight of my whole year. With it coming up in about a month, announcements keep rolling in. The most recent being the exhibit floor, one of the main attractions of the whole con.

This year, it looks pretty similar to the past years, with DC and Marvel in close quarters. It looks to me like Lucasfilm is acquiring a bit more space than usual, which could mean something. I’m also saddened to see that MTV holds no booth, but rather in its place is a Netflix booth. This is actually exciting news; while I hold MTV close to my heart, I think the Netflix booth should be awesome considering all of the content that they have put out this year.

I can’t wait to hit the floor July 19th-23rd. Stay tuned for more coverage of the event!

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