‘Greek’ Revival Movie Cancelled at Freeform

Well, this sucks.

Just when Greek fans thought they’d be able to get another one of their favorite shows up for revival, Freeform has made the decision to cancel it all together.

As a fan of the show Greek that aired from 2007-2011, and with a series finale that you could probably say that had an open ending for a possibility of a revival in the future, I’m saddened by this news.

It was announced back in 2016 that Freeform would develop this revival-reunion movie, but now with the sudden cancellation of it all, our hopes of finding out what ever happened to the crew after all these years won’t be answered.

This revival movie was set to be a two-hour long holiday movie where the graduates of Cyprus-Rhodes University reunite again for their five-year reunion.

Freeform has not given a response as to why they have decided to cancel the revival.

Can you help us out, Netflix? Do your thing, please!

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