Five Best Moments from “Shadowhunters” 2.12, “You Are Not Your Own”

In this week’s episode, Shadowhunters takes the concept of Freaky Friday to the next level. After Azazel performs a body-switching spell on Valentine and Magnus, it’s a race against time to figure out who exactly is who. Respectively, Alan Van Sprang and Harry Shum Jr. do a fantastic job of portraying the other; Alan’s depiction of Magnus’s vulnerability and desperation is both mesmerizing and heartbreaking, and Harry’s rendering of Valentine’s cunning aloofness is transfixing. I have to commend the writers on giving them this opportunity to demonstrate their acting chops, even if my blood pressure skyrocketed multiple times.

Ultimately, the Clave catches on to the fact that the man they have imprisoned isn’t actually Valentine, but it takes a long time—too long, in my opinion. Alec should’ve realized sooner that there was something off with his lover. Maybe his inability to sense something was amiss, however, is more indicative of how new their relationship really is. They haven’t been together long enough to be able to effectively recognize each other’s moods and emotions, so it’s not unexpected that he would have a hard time telling a fake Magnus from a real Magnus.

There’s also the fact that Valentine is nothing if not a master manipulator; therefore, it’s no wonder that Alec didn’t believe that he was really Magnus at the jump. Be that as it may, he does eventually realize it and comes to Magnus’s aid. Nevertheless, I expect that the torture will have a lasting effect on Magnus as well as his relationship with Alec.

Amidst all of this drama, we also get to see Sebastian meet the rest of the Shadowhunter gang for the first time. There’s no doubt that there is obvious chemistry between him and Clary; he seems to get her better than even Jace and Simon. How will his presence complicate things? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Last but not least, we finally got some Sizzy scenes, and they did not disappoint! Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say that I can see those two becoming good friends in the future. They vibe well together. And how awesome is it that Isabelle stood by Simon’s side against Raphael?

Altogether, this was an excellent episode with a multitude of memorable scenes. Which ones stood out the most to you? Take a moment to read through my choices and share your own in the comment section below!

1) Alec Has an Uncomfortable Meeting with “Valentine”

This was by far my favorite scene of the episode. The interaction between Alec and Valentine/Magnus was positively enthralling. You could see the desperation on Alan Van Sprang’s face, as well as the devastation when he wasn’t able to get through to Alec. In addition, you could see Alec’s struggle to comprehend what was going on through Matthew Daddario’s body language. It was truly exceptional acting on both of their parts.

2) Jace and Clary Train in the Garden

I love a good training scene, and one featuring Jace and Clary is icing on the cake! It was made all the more engrossing by the fact that Imogen Herondale, the new Inquisitor, was looking on the whole time, analyzing their every move. To their credit, Jace and Clary did a splendid job of communicating with each other, verbally and non-verbally, while avoiding detection from the Inquisitor. We also learned that Clary is having trouble with her rune ability, and no one really knows why.

3) Isabelle Introduces Simon to Raphael’s Sister

Aside from being a particularly rewarding Sizzy scene, this one also served another purpose: to show an example of Raphael’s lingering humanity. The affection that he still holds for his sister was apparent, as was his desire to protect her. Isabelle was savvy to exploit that as a way to get him to back off of Simon’s family. But is it enough? Only time will tell.

4) Sebastian Helps Clary Get to the Bottom of Her Rune Ability

This was but one of several Clary and Sebastian scenes that served to illustrate their deep connection. From the offset, it was clear that Sebastian was able to understand Clary in a way that others cannot—and, it seems, what powers her ability. He told her a theory of his: that her powers are directly linked to her emotions, and that her recent difficulty using them is caused by the loss of her family. Her mother is gone; her father is basically gone; and, the brother that she thought she had is not actually her brother. According to Sebastian, this newfound isolation has inhibited her abilities, and until she fully allows herself to feel the despair, she will be unable to create runes. Let’s hope she is able to work through her issues fast!

5) Jace Finds Out He’s a Herondale

This was definitely the biggest revelation of the episode, one which changes both Jace’s life and his status in the Shadowhunter community. Before he met Clary, he believed himself to be a Wayland adopted by the Lightwoods. Then, he thought that he was a Morgenstern. Now, he finds out that he’s actually a Herondale, the grandson of Imogen. Almost instantaneously, he’s become the heir to an incredible Shadowhunter legacy. However, my gut tells me that there are still more secrets to unravel regarding Jace and his connection to Valentine.

Honorable Mention

Raphael Makes a Move on Simon

If Isabelle and Simon thought that Raphael was going to take threats against his sister lightly, they were sorely mistaken. Raphael and the wrath of his coven descend on the Jade Wolf, and there is almost a bloody confrontation between them and Luke’s pack. However, things come to an abrupt halt when Simon’s secret is exposed. Suddenly, he became too valuable to kill and much more interesting to his fellow vampires.

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