“Famous in Love” Episode 8 Recap

The episode begins with Rainer and Paige acting out an elaborate scene from “Locked.” Paige is struggling to cry when she needs to as she’s a little distracted with everything going on in her real life — which is a lot. Let’s dissect this, shall we?

Paige calls Jake during her break on set to see if he has heard from Cassie. He quickly tells her Cassie is visiting her grandma in San Diego and then proceeds to blow her off as he’s working on his script. Rainer comes over to check on Paige, but Paige doesn’t want to tell him what’s really bothering her as it will sound like she’s in high school. “I skipped most of high school so it will all be new to me,” Rainer jokes with her as he tries to worm his way in. After she shares that she’s struggling to cry on cue, Rainer tells her to relax and she’ll be ready by the time she gets to all of her other emotional scenes. If she’s not, he has some tricks to share. They agree to meet for lunch later so he can share his tips.

At the beach house, Jordan gets a call from his agent, telling him he snagged a Golden Globe nomination for his last film. As one would expect, Jordan is completely elated.

Nina arrives at the office after returning from China and is already stressed about everything happening around her. She is met by Ida who wants to know what happened with Tangey. Nina tells her China’s distribution is the reason why she was pulled. Ida says she’s done dealing with Nina and she’ll be hearing from the Turners’ attorney.

Over at NewCastle, Alexis meets with one of the executives and shares that she doesn’t feel Kevin O’Hare should be brought on to the project. Alexis asks what would happen to Jake, but the executive tells her the script was bought “based on concept, not execution.” Alexis tries to convince her to wait until Jake finishes his next version, but is told that decision is above her pay grade. Alexis then learns she must tell Jake he is off his own project.

At some undisclosed location, Jordan is waiting on his bike when Aiden’s so-called bookie pulls up. The conversation ends with Jordan assuming Brandy’s debts. Jordan has until Friday, the day they are going to meet to resolve the matter, to figure out what the hell he is going to do.

In the hair and make-up trailer, Paige is still texting Cassie, but her messages are met with no response. Alan walks in looking for Rainer and Paige says he just left. Alan wishes Paige good luck with NewCastle. When Paige tries to justify the meeting–her agents are hounding her about what she’ll do after “Locked”– Alan waves off her excuse, but tells her to remember who brought her to the party in the first place.

Alan finds Rainer and the two start throwing the football around. They start conversing and learn they have a lot in common, like surfing. Rainer invites Alan to his house to surf the next day; Alan, who thinks Rainer might be his son, quickly agrees.

At Paige’s meeting with NewCastle, they pitch her Jake’s script. However, she learns he is no longer doing the rewrite, something he doesn’t know yet. Unsure what to do, she attempts to call Cassie yet again. Ultimately, she texts Jake, saying they need to talk. He ignores her as he continues to work on his script.

Jordan meets with Nina and she congratulates him on his big news. Distracted, he asks if she said anything about his past to Barrett Hopper. Nina denies it, especially as a way to get back at him over Tangey. Nina asks if he’s okay and he admits to having Brandy’s debts on his mind. Nina offers to get an advance on his fee. “I would never do anything to hurt you Jordan. You mean more to me than you will ever know,” Nina tells him as she grabs his hand and seals their conversation with a kiss.

At a restaurant, Jake and Alexis are talking about the movie. She tries to break the bad news, but he’s totally oblivious and shows her the new draft. After he offers to take her to Nobu to celebrate, Alexis decides not to tell him he’s been axed. Rainer and Paige walk in as they’re sharing a kiss. The whole interaction is awkward, especially because Paige knows the truth about Jake.

The scene then switches over to Paige and Rainer’s interaction at the restaurant. Paige can’t keep her eyes off Alexis and Jake. Rainer asks if she would like to go somewhere else. Paige declines and tells him about her meeting at NewCastle. Rainer advises Paige not to tell Jake, saying it’s not her job. “If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s keep business and personal separate,” Rainer tells her. As he goes on to talk about enjoying the thrill of the ride, and how the cut-throat business that is Hollywood is not so bad when you have someone to share it with, he reaches for Paige’s hand. Paige teasingly pulls back, joking about keeping business and personal separate. But dinner ends with them smiling big at one another, so this #Raige fan is happy.

Back on location for “Locked,” Alan is snooping around the make-up trailer. He finds Rainer’s hairbrush and puts it in his coat pocket, clearly planning to use it to confirm paternity.

At Rainer’s (and Jordan’s too, I guess?) beach house, Nina comes by and wishes Jordan congratulations (again) on his nomination. Jordan leaves mother and son to talk and Alan comes up in the conversation. Rainer mentions that Alan had been on set all day, which throws Nina off-guard. “We actually have a lot in common,” Rainer tells Nina, who has a worried look on her face. She changes the subject by talking about her problem with Tangey and Ida. Rainer suggests shooting two versions, that way everyone is happy.

Paiges arrives home to find Alexis pouring wine in her kitchen, while Jake is in another room. Paige confronts her, threatening to tell him if Alexis doesn’t. Jake walks in as Alexis says it’s not easy to tell someone they’ve been fired. Paige leaves the two of them alone. Jake, as expected, is upset. Alexis tries to reason with him, saying it’s normal for feature films to go through multiple writers, it’s part of the process. “Don’t you get it? This story is personal to me,” Jake yells at Alexis. Alexis says she knows it’s his “unrequited” love story with Paige. Jake ends things with them and walks away.

Paige goes to comfort Jake on their balcony. He feels like an idiot for trusting them and believing what he wanted to hear. Paige tells him he’s not an idiot, then proposes an idea for getting his script back and doing a Kickstarter campaign.

Ida barges into Nina’s office, demanding to know if she got Tangey back in the movie. Nina tells her the new plan, saying there is one condition: Ida must tell Barrett to lay off Jordan or she will lose the financing to shoot the two versions. Ida begrudgingly agrees and walks out.

At NewCastle, Alexis is in a meeting with some of the executives and Kevin O’Hare is talking about his vision for the script. Jake walks in and demands his script. Alexis tries to smooth things over, but it doesn’t go over well. “How do you sleep at night?” Jake asks them before he walks out, defeated.

That night, Alan shows up at Nina’s place, frustrated and upset. “Oh, I’m here because I think Rainer is my son,” he nonchalantly says. Immediately a look of panic washes over Nina’s face. She dismisses his accusation, but Alan starts listing all the reasons why Rainer could be his son. Nina admits it is true and Alan gets angry that he was denied the chance to know his son. “You never even gave me the chance,” Alan tells her. Nina tells him Rainer can’t find out, but Alan threatens to tell him. Nina tearfully says she wants to be the one to tell him, she just needs a few days.

Paige is packing her bag to leave for the set when Jake walks in. She starts apologizing for the bad advice she gave him and says he is being too hard on himself. Jake says he got an interview for a PA job on a film and maybe he should get out and learn something. When Paige finds out the job is in Austin, she tries to convince him not to go. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call. She tells him to wait until she gets home later to make any decisions.

On set, Rainer stops by Paige’s trailer with doughnuts. She’s still worried about her big emotional scene later, Cassie still hasn’t returned her texts and Jake is going through his crisis. Paige then prods Rainer to tell her the tricks he uses during emotional scenes. Rainer tells her he focuses on a sad memory, like the reason he got sober, which he shares with her. “It’s hard to admit to yourself that you’re not strong enough to handle something. So when I need to dig deep and really feel something, I just stop trying to control it,” he tearfully shares with her. Paige gives him a hug and wipes the tears off his face, as they share yet another personal and intimate moment. On set, Paige finds Wyatt and asks for another chance at her close-ups in the scene. This time she knocks her scene out of the park.

Jordan meets with Aiden’s bookie and gives him the money for Brandy’s debts. That seems to be that, for now.

When Paige gets home, she realizes Jake isn’t there. She calls him and learns he’s already in Austin (fast turn around, dude!).  He says it’s just an interview, for now. She tells him she’ll attach herself to his script and say she will only do it if he’s still part of the project. When Paige tells Jake she hasn’t actually read his script, he tells her he now understands how Cassie felt. Paige says she’s trying to help, but Jake says it doesn’t matter; he is taking the PA job if he gets it.

In the last scene of the episode, we see Nina’s assistant meeting with Barrett Hopper. She shares with him Nina’s emails, as well as the picture of Nina and Jordan kissing in her office. “Sounds like I’ll finally be able to go national and destroy Nina Devon. I’ll have fun taking this bitch down,” Barrett says as he holds up his martini.

With only two more episodes left, what do you guys foresee happening? Let me know in the comments below!

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