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‘Sense 8’ Revived at Netflix for Two-Hour Special Finale Set to Be Released for 2018

Fans fought, and now they have won. The Cluster is back!

Earlier this month, Netflix abruptly decided to cancel its sci-fi drama series Sense 8, which then was followed by an uproar of disappointment from fans of the show. With all of the petitions that went around and with the hashtag #RenewSense8 circling around social media, fans just couldn’t say goodbye to this wonderful, inclusive, and unique show.

However, after all the pleads to save this show and to give the fans the closure that it deserves, Netflix still decided it wouldn’t want to renew the show. Bummer right?

But earlier today, co-creator of the show Lana Wachowski shared a heartfelt letter with a surprise at the end stating that Netflix announced that there will be another two-hour special finale set to be released in 2018!

As season 2 ended with a major cliffhanger–the unknown fate of one of the main characters–there are just so many questions that need to be answered! Now we get that chance see what happens and to give fans the closure that they deserve. What happens to Wolfgang? Can the Cluster save him? Here’s to hoping the two-hour special is as awesome as this show.

You can watch Sense 8 streaming on Netflix now!

How do you feel about this news? What are you hoping to see in this two-hour special? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Shadia Omer

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