Supernatural Round Table S12E21: “There’s Something About Mary”

This week’s episode is the beginning of the end for season 12.  Next week “Supernatural” will air episodes 22 and 23 back to back to finish the season 12 story arc. Honestly, there were not too many surprises in this week’s story, which was written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, and directed by P.J. Pesce. Keep reading to see what Jackie Bojarski, Lizzy Schwietzer and I thought of this week’s offering.

Eileen & Her Death:

Jackie: Having that as the opening scene of the episode was particularly gut-wrenching for me. We’re so used to seeing random people falling victim to the supernatural as the impetus for a case that it catches you off-guard when it’s a character that you’ve grown attached to. Moreover, it broke my heart that Ketch used her hearing impairment against her. She was basically rendered helpless. I wish the writers could’ve found a different way to increase the emotional stakes, so to speak, but what’s done is done…. or is it? This is “Supernatural,” after all.

Lizzy:  Ok, I need to get this off my chest. If any “Supernatural” writers are reading this… STOP KILLING OFF GOOD FEMALE CHARACTERS! Last week it was the Tasha and Alicia Banes, and now Eileen? She was fabulous!

I understand that Eileen’s death had been foreshadowed weeks ago, but I was hopeful that she would triumph and survive.

Side note, they can still feel free to kill off Lady Bevell and I would be fine with it.

Debbi:  I was not surprised by Eileen’s death, but was surprised by the use of a hell hound.  I didn’t think they obeyed anyone but demons… of course this is a show that breaks canon all the time, so it is hard to remember what is what. I liked her character and will miss her. I too thought it heavy-handed to use her disability against her, but then, it does illustrate the depth of Ketch’s sociopathy. I also could have done without the posthumous letter that Sam and Dean received. I think Sam had suffered enough by that time, but understood the letter’s use as a prompt for the ‘bug’ search in the bunker.  Kind of surprised they didn’t turn up a few more.

As Jackie says above, this is Supernatural, so another loss for the boys isn’t far-fetched and seems to be ‘go to’ plot device when the story gets thin.

Mary’s Association with the BMoL:

Jackie:  I can’t help but want to say “I told you so.” She allowed herself to get blindly close to them, putting herself, her boys and the hunting community at large in jeopardy. Now, she’s basically become their puppet. For Sam and Dean’s sake, I hope that she’s able to beat their mind control before she does something unforgivable.

Lizzy:  Mary was either going to be brainwashed by the BMOL or killed saving her sons from the BMOL. So, this was not a total shocker.

Debbi:  As Lizzy states, no shock that Mary fell afoul of the BMoL.  This had been telegraphed for weeks and was successfully predicted by any number of viewers. Not sure how she will break their control of her mind, but think that this will not be left as her permanent state. I am angry that she was made to seem so naïve, but again, it is Supernatural where strong females are anathema.

Mr. Ketch:

Jackie:  Before I begin, I just want to say that I adore David Haydn-Jones as Mr. Ketch. He’s added so many layers to the role that he’s made his scenes a joy to watch. However, I do hope that he pays for what he did to Eileen and everyone else. I think we’ll get one last redeeming moment for Ketch, but I’ll be honestly surprised if he survives the season finale.

Lizzy:  He actually seemed like he cared about Mary for a minute, and honestly, I feel like he still kind of does. He definitely is a sleaze bag who can hurry up and get mauled by his captive hell hound, but there is still more of a glimmer of sympathy than other BMOL associates like his boss and Lady Bevell.

Debbi:  David Hadyn-Jones has brought a nuanced depth to Arthur Ketch that makes the character his alone. Ketch is probably the best written of the BMoL characters and the ambiguity is all part of his appeal. I agree with the others and believe we will see a redemption act by Ketch before he is written off the show. Will it be successful is anybody’s guess at this point and I will be sorry when his story arc ends.

Sam & Dean:

Jackie:  There wasn’t nearly enough Sam & Dean in this episode. In many ways, they took a backseat while other characters drove the storyline forward. Those rare moments that we did get to see their emotional point-of-view — like when Sam first heard about Eileen or read her pleas to them for help, or when Dean saw his brainwashed mother — were both poignant and memorable. I hope we get more of them before season’s end.

Lizzy:  Glad they were able to get the drop on Lady Bevell, just wish they didn’t get trapped with her in the bunker because now we have to see her again next episode.

Debbi:  Once again we see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki guest star in their own show.  There was not nearly enough of Sam and Dean in the episode and at times I begin to wonder just what show I’m watching.  That said, the few minutes that Sam and Dean took center stage were good and well-played by Jensen and Jared.  The double loss for them was profound and while the camera focused on Sam in Eileen’s case and Dean’s in Mary’s case, I believe that both of Mary’s sons were profoundly hurt by their losses this week.  Can they still fight like the BAMF hunters that John raised them to be?  Oh, hell yes!  The best 3 or 4 minutes of the show contained the gun fight in the bunker which highlighted the teamwork and experience that the Winchester’s have developed over the years.  Very well filmed and exciting.

Of course, these same BAMF fighters STILL had not changed up the security on the bunker and are therefore left in the cliff-hanging predicament along with their arch nemesis Lady Toni.  We know they’ll escape, the only question is how so in reality, kind of a lame cliff-hanger.  The show has really become predictable in this regard.


Jackie:  I think that Sam & Dean are going to destroy the BMoL, or at least run them out of America for good. Additionally, I think that we’re going to learn the truth about the nature of Lucifer’s offspring.

Lizzy:  I feel like there is a glimmer of hope that Rowena will come back and help save the day against Lucifer. Crowley was able to smoke out of his body and into a rat before being killed off by Lucifer. Rowena will restore him, then will save Sam and Dean so they can join forces to stop Lucifer.

Debbi:  Sam and Dean will escape with the help of Lady Bevell and will successfully take on and eradicate the BMoL. With any luck, Mary will die off and we won’t have to deal with her lack of motherly love again next season. I’d love to see Rowena come back and save both her son and the Winchester’s just to be able to say “I told you so”. I’m sick to death of Lucifer and wish he would get smoked out, but my prediction is that he and his demonic offspring will be next season’s big bad story arc – ugh.


Jackie: C

Lizzy:  C-.  Sorry, that is a harsh grade but I liked Eileen, I am not really excited about another Lucifer take over, and I am just ready for the BMOL to get theirs already.

Debbi:  C-.  The only reason this wasn’t a D was the very brief fight sequence in the bunker.  I’m with Lizzy about Lucifer and I am not sure what the writers/showrunner can do to breathe life into a dying franchise.

Pretty harsh grades all around.  What are your thoughts?  Leave your comments below, we’d love to know where you stand.

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