Five Reasons Why I Ship “Raige”

Famous in Love is Freeform’s hit new drama following Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne), a college student and aspiring actress whose life changes overnight when she lands the lead role in the movie adaptation of the popular “Locked” book series (think “Twilight” or “The Hunger Games”).

This show would not be a Freeform drama, though, without a love triangle where viewers could passionately root for one couple or the other. In the first season, which you can binge on the Freeform app or Hulu, Paige is trying to sort through her feelings for her roommate/best guy friend, Jake Salt (Charlie DePew), and her new co-star/Hollywood heartthrob, Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins).

To me, there is no question who is right for Paige and that is Rainer. Here’s why I personally think everyone should be #TeamRaige.

Warning: The entire season is discussed, so don’t read further if you haven’t watched.

1. The chemistry between Paige and Rainer is instant and undeniable

From the moment Rainer saw Paige leaving her initial audition he was intrigued. When the two actually meet it was obvious there was not just a mutual attraction, but also an instant connection. A connection that had the potential to turn into something deeper. Through the ten episodes of season one, viewers get to see just how undeniable that spark is, despite the initial resistance from one half of the ship to get serious. It also helps that Bella Thorne and Carter Jenkins have such natural chemistry, as it makes the instantaneous ease between Paige and Rainer feel more realistic.

But if you need further proof of their chemistry, watch the scene in episode nine where the two of them choreograph a sex scene between their characters for the movie. It is super steamy and, quite possibly, my favorite scene from the entire series so far. Seriously, that moment is all the proof you need.

2. There is a familiar feeling and understanding between the two of them despite having just met

One argument for Paige being with Jake is their familiarity, as they have been close friends for years. But one reason I think Rainer is right for Paige is that same familiarity exists in their relationship, despite their only knowing each other a short time. Every time they interact it seems as if they are the ones who have been friends for years.

I also think part of the reason they understand each other so well, right from the beginning, is that they are sharing the experience of Paige becoming a star together. As someone who has been in the business since childhood, Rainier holds Paige’s hand and helps her navigate the craziness that is Hollywood. Many celebrities, including Bella Thorne herself, have shared that it is easier to date someone in the business because they understand the ins and outs. Therefore, the fact that Paige and Rainer share this aspect of their lives is a bonus.

3. Rainer believes in Paige and encourages her to see how special she is

Even before the two of them actually met, Rainer knew Paige was something special. In that first moment, when he sees her through the window, he recognizes something true and pure in her. In the phony world that is Hollywood, Rainer immediately senses she is a breath of fresh air, something he desperately needs in his life. Her authenticity compels him to share how special he thinks she is during her callback, especially upon seeing how nervous she is. Throughout the rest of the season, it is Rainer who constantly tries to get Paige to see her own beauty and encourages her to believe in herself.

4. Paige gets to know the real Rainer — the one that exists beyond the image and the reputation — and teaches him to embrace it

Rainer was first introduced as Hollywood’s heartthrob who embraced the bad boy/playboy reputation he had been saddled with in the press. Viewers meet him for the first time as he is entangled on the couch with a one night stand. At the start of the series, he is also feuding with his former BFF, Jordan, and dealing with his overbearing mother.

Once Paige enters his life, and spends time with him, she sees beyond his money, fame and reputation. She never judges him for once having a problem with alcohol. She also helps him deal with some of his problems, like making him realize his fight with Jordan might have initially been about feeling hurt and betrayed, but he let the situation linger because he didn’t want to be the first to apologize. She also helps him escape his mother’s grasp and regain some autonomy. Rainer’s life is filled with enough drama for a soap opera, but that never deters Paige from getting to know him and caring about him as more than a friend.

5. Their smiles

As cliche as this reason is, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Neither Paige or Rainer can stop smiling when they are in the same room. Rainer smiles at the mere sight of Paige; Paige, albeit nervous and tongue-tied, smiles at Rainer’s multitude of gestures to sweep her off her feet. They are just too freaking cute. All the smiles they share when they are in each other’s presence makes up for the lack of kisses, or even just an actually confirmation of shared feelings, from both of them.

What do you guys think? Are you all in on #TeamRaige like I am? Or do you guys believe Jake is the right fit for Paige? Let me know in the comment section below.

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