“Famous In Love” Recap Episode 3

This night ain’t for the faint of heart
For the faint of heart, for the faint of heart
This night ain’t for the faint of heart
‘Cause the faint of heart gonna fall apart

The third episode opens with Paige struggling to keep the promise she made her parents in the last episode. She tried and failed to pull an all-nighter in order to finish a paper worth half her grade. In order to finish the assignment she moved a wardrobe-fitting for the movie around. Problem solved, right? Jake also stayed up all night to work on his film thesis pitch. And Cassie tells Paige and Jake she’s applying for a job at the Pizza Dome. Only she asks Paige if she can borrow a skirt for the interview right after Brody texts to ask if she’ll wear that “short skirt” he likes. Hmmm. I’m thinking there’s no job interview. Paige then asks Jake if they’re still good and he assures her they are. Meanwhile, Paige’s phone blows up with texts from Nina Devon, who needs to see her ASAP.

Paige meets Nina only for for her to say Paige’s schoolwork is not her problem. Paige needs an agent who can help her walk through “her deal and her life” and Nina has set up a meeting with one. Paige, not wanting to disappoint Nina before shooting has even begun, graciously agrees to attend, but clearly feels conflicted about neglecting her schoolwork.

In a different part of L.A., Alexis is reading Jake’s script. Rachel questions why she’s reading something Paige’s friend wrote. Alexis explains: though she hates Paige she hasn’t seen a script in months and she thinks would be perfect for the lead. Rachel also attempts to get Alexis to commit to their relationship by saying at least they are in “Locked” together. Alexis blows her off by saying the two of them working together might actually complicate things; she then follows up her point by denying it’s because Rachel is a girl. A fuming Rachel gives Alexis an ultimatum:  figure out what she wants before filming begins.

Jordan meets the mystery woman from last week’s episode in an alley. She says she wants out of this “hell.” Clearly, she has some dirt on him from the past.  Jordan immediately asks how much she wants to leave him alone. The answer? $50,000 in two days or she starts talking.

Alan tells Nina she has to cut three million from Locked’s budget or she’s fired. Nina asks Rainer to take a cut. He isn’t happy, but Nina says he’s not the only cast member being affected. She pleads with him as his mom and gets his agreement.

As Jordan is moving his stuff out of the beach house, he and Rainer have another encounter. Jordan receives a threatening text from the mystery woman, “Brandy,” and Rainer, having once been his best friend, sees he’s distraught. Jordan, not wanting to bother Rainer since they really aren’t speaking, just brushes him off.  He also thanks Rainier for taking a pay cut, as his agents never would budge. Realizing he was played by Nina, Rainer tells Jordan to leave.

Paige takes Jake and Cassie to her agent meeting. The agent starts throwing all these commitments at her left and right. While Jake and Cassie try to negotiate on Paige’s behalf, the agent casually blows them off. Paige’s fitting is scheduled after the meeting, but she still hasn’t finished her paper. Jake and Cassie offer to do research for her while she’s gone so she can just come home and write. After Paige leaves, Jake realizes the agent threw his script in the trash and he just took it to make Paige happy.

Rainer bursts into Nina’s office yelling about the money he lost. Nina tells him she didn’t lie per say. Everyone in the cast took a pay cut except Jordan, as he is the actor who can bring critical acclaim to the project. Rainer tells her every once in awhile he needs her not to be Nina Devon the producer, but his mom. “This was one of those times,” he says as he storms out.

Paige tries to FaceTime with Jake and Cassie during her wardrobe fitting, but she gets distracted by Rainer walking in on her session. Here’s yet another moment of full-blown sexual tension, as neither one of them can take their eyes off each other. Rainer tells her they are needed for a camera test, so she can’t leave as soon as she thought.  They share another moment during the camera test when they get too close. All they exchange is a simple “hi,” but it’s clear, once again, that something is brewing between them.

Rainer takes Paige back to her car in a golf cart. She makes him stop when she sees the screen stage where they are building the ”Locked” sets and the two of them go take a look. He tries to impress her by listing off famous actresses who have worked right where they are standing, saying it never gets old. His “moves” seem so obvious, but I don’t care as I need more to happen between these two, like yesterday. Paige finally makes it home to find an angry Jake who isn’t interested in hearing about her day.

Nina finds Ida to talk about Tangey’s deal. She tells her Alan doesn’t like the idea of Tangey doing the music because he’s cheap and does not like the terms of her deal. Nina comes up with a plan (which she clearly came up with beforehand, but is pretending she came up with on the spot) to get Tangey as an actress in the movie. Ida says if she can do that then Tangey will do it all, music included, for scale.

Jake comes home from giving his pitch and Cassie asks how it went. Apparently, it was a disaster because he wasn’t prepared. He starts questioning whether this is actually what he should be doing.

The next day, Paige goes to her Vanity Fair shoot with the rest of the cast. Because she’s still trying to be superwoman, she’s working on her paper as she finishes getting her hair and makeup done. Cassie calls to tell her about Jake’s life crisis. Paige admits she tampered with the phone call from Alexis. Cassie tells her to persuade  Alexis into giving Jake’s script another chance before he gives up filmmaking. Paige does so, but there is a price: Alexis wants to wear Paige’s dress from the photo shoot and use her as her personal “bitch.”

Later at the photo shoot, tensions start to boil over. Rachel learns she’s been kicked off the movie and thinks Alexis was behind it so they would not have to go public with their relationship. Jordan and Rainer get into a shouting match, which ends in them both storming off set. Alexis arrives home that night, thinking Rachel will be waiting for her, only to find her apartment has been trashed and a message was written on her mirror in lipstick saying “it’s over.”

Jordan brings Brandy $25,000 of the $50,000 she asked for. Nina shows up with the other $25,000 and threatens the woman should she ever show up again. Brandy gladly takes the money and leaves, while Jordan worries what would happen should she return. Nina says she thinks that is the last they will see…of his mother! Nina says it so calmly I almost missed this huge reveal. Brandy gets pulled over by the police and is found with cocaine in her bag. I guess that is what Nina meant by not being worried about her. I wonder whether Nina is doing this to protect her movie, Jordan, or a little bit of both?

Jake confronts Paige when she comes home, saying Alexis called and told him everything. The fact that Alexis and her agents like the script, and are going to help him, only makes matters worse. He calls Paige out, saying she’s changed since she got cast, then leaves her to sit on that.

Later, Paige is still working hard on her paper (even though the deadline has passed) when she is interrupted by Rainer at her door. He surprises her with the red dress she gave Alexis from the photo-shoot. He brings the gown as an apology for the way he acted at the photo-shoot, even though his actions were not directed toward her. Rainer’s visit ends up being a therapy session for both of them. Paige advises Rainer to apologize to Jordan, especially as they once saw each other as family and “that should mean something.” Rainer urges Paige to tell Nina how much staying in school means to her.

The episode ends with both of them following the advice they received. Paige compromises with Nina by agreeing to be wherever she’s needed, whenever she is needed, except for during her statistics class on Wednesdays. Rainer invites Jordan over to the beach house. Both guys reach an understanding about their falling out and agree to move on. We also see Alexis getting in a car with Jake and heading to the desert. Are they collaborating against Paige? Or is something brewing between them? I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week.

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