“Famous in Love” Episode 6 Recap

How are we already more than half-way through this show? It seems like it just started, but time flies when you are enjoying what you are watching. This episode begins with Rainer dropping off Paige at her place after her party from last week’s episode (while she is still wearing his shirt, by the way). He’s insistent on seeing her again soon and somehow convinces her to go to Vegas with him. Paige is hesitant at first, as she thinks it sounds too much like a date, but Rainer tells her it’s not and tells her that she should invite her friends. Despite needing to study, Paige says yes.

Cassie, who sold Paige’s diamond bracelet to get fast cash for tuition, is trying to get it back after Paige asks to borrow it for an important studio dinner she has coming up. Since the price of the bracelet has gone up, Cassie calls “work” to get more shifts in order to get enough money to buy the bracelet back. (Side note: does anyone ever show up at the Pizza Dome looking for Cassie during one of her supposed shifts?)

Jake and Paige have yet another awkward moment after Paige confronts him about why he didn’t come to her party. He blows off answering her, instead telling her he will take her out later in the week.

Nina has a meeting with Alan about the Chinese distributors; they have a problem with the time sorceress character that Tangey plays as they think it’s basically a ghost. They don’t do ghosts in China for cultural reasons. Nina is thinking about the millions of dollars that will be lost if they don’t secure this distributor and decides she’s going to China to meet with the distributors face to face, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Jake shows up to what I assume is his fraternity house (it’s not made clear) and a pre-football game party is happening. His friend tells him that there are strippers in the kitchen. However, when Jake goes to look for himself, he sees Cassie and the rest of her topless maid co-workers. Horrified, Cassie runs out of the kitchen without saying a word.

Back at home, Jake asks Paige if she has seen Cassie in the last hour. Paige, who hasn’t seen her, becomes concerned after his off-putting question. Jake tells her what he saw at his friend’s house. Paige immediately freaks out about the fact that Cassie’s problems were right in front of her face and she didn’t even see it. Both of them go to school to look for her but with no luck.

Jordan goes to visit Brandy in prison, despite Nina telling him last episode to drop the issue. She wants him to bail her out but he won’t do it seeing as she just got $50,000 from him. Brandy blames Nina for getting locked in prison but Jordan doesn’t believe her. Brandy threatens to call Barrett Hopper and tell him everything if Jordan doesn’t get her out of prison. He brings Brandy back to the beach house after ultimately bailing her out, telling her she can stay there until Rainer gets back.

Nina goes to the beach house and convinces Rainer to go to China with him and meet with the distributors. As they are putting their bags in the car back at the studio, Alan meets them and tells them he’s going with them. On the way to the airport, Rainer calls Paige to tell her that there is a slight change of plans and he will meet both Paige and Cassie in Vegas after he finishes in Hong Kong. Rainer and Alan both learn that they have horrible motion sickness, which seems like a random tidbit to put in here but I’m sure it will come back up later on.

While on set for a fitting, Paige runs into Adam and asks her whether or not he’s seen Cassie since last night. He hasn’t but promises to tell Paige if he does. It’s a lie though as we see Adam arrive home to his apartment and find Cassie sitting on his couch. Cassie comes clean to him about why she ran away from Paige and Jake. He doesn’t freak out like she thought he would, which she seems to find refreshing.

In Hong Kong, Rainer, Nina and Alan meet with the Chinese distributors to try and clear up the time sorceress character. They learn that the only way they can distribute the movie in China is if a Chinese actress is cast in the role and suggests one of their fastest rising stars. Rainer and Alan are hesitant but Nina agrees before anything can be discussed.

Back at her house, Paige is going through Cassie’s stuff to see if there is some kind of clue that she left behind. Jake confronts her and makes her realize that maybe it’s not just about the topless maid job; maybe Cassie resents Paige getting the role over her. Jake says he feels as if she’s been a little distant but Paige turns it back on him for spending time with Alexis. Jake then finds Cassie’s pawn shop receipt for the bracelet of Paige’s she sold.

Rainer finds Alan at a bar. We learn that Rainer has been sober for three years when he orders a latte while Alan sips on his alcohol. Alan was also sober at one point in his life. They talk about how Nina started out working for Alan.

Back at the beach house the next morning, Jordan has another conversation with Brandy. While he’s just trying to be helpful and make her breakfast, she drops in their conversation that she was being helpful when she went to jail for five years for something that he did.

Adam asks Cassie whether or not she’s going to text Paige, but she says she still needs more time away from Paige. They have a deep conversation about what Cassie actually wants to do in life. She tells him she used to want to be an actress, but now she’s not sure whether that is still her dream or her mom’s dream. Later that night, when Adam comes home from work, he brings her a gift of her Mom’s Emmy Award speech that she missed seeing when she was a young girl. His sweet gesture is enough to convince Cassie that it’s time for her to come home.

Later, Alan and Nina run into each other at the bar in Hong Kong. He compliments her on doing well with the deal and with raising Rainer. He also tells her he wonders sometimes why they didn’t make things work between the two of them. But the bartender interrupts them and brings them more drinks before the two of them can share a moment.

In a car on the way to the airport, Rainer listens to his messages, hoping to have one from Paige. When he realizes there aren’t any, he tries to call her but it doesn’t go through.

Jordan confronts Brandy that night, telling her he is grateful for what she did for him but to stop holding it over his head. In a weird moment, Brandy is nice to him and made a grilled cheese sandwich, albeit a burnt one. They laugh about some of the old times they had. He tells her that Rainer is going to be home soon so she needs to start heading out . He tells her not to worry about paying him back for bail and that they will find her a good lawyer. I know, I know–a real mother-son moment there? Doesn’t seem like it will last too long.

Cassie finally returns home to Paige and Jake. Everyone comes clean about everything that has happened and apologizes. Paige comes up with the idea of Cassie being her assistant on the movie so that she doesn’t have to drop out of school. Rainer calls and Paige has to break the news to him that they aren’t coming. He gets a little short with her, saying that he bought their tickets and he’s already there.

Jordan picks Rainer up from the airport and they arrive back to a completely empty beach house. Rainer is confused but Jordan seems to know what actually happened.

That’s it for episode six! Check back next week to see what happened in episode seven.

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