“Famous in Love” Episode 5 Recap

The episode begins with Jake and Alexis making out in bed (gross) and still in Palm Springs, where he’s working on his script. Alexis can’t help but take a selfie of them together and it makes me wonder what her motives are.

Back in the real world, Paige is finishing her extremely late Econ paper, like the overachieving student she is, even if it means working on her twenty-first birthday. Cassie is telling her what she has planned for the big day when Jake walks in. He’s not even back for two minutes before he gets in a fight with the girls. Paige tries to apologize and it kind of works. But, there is still something off between the two of them.

Tangey is lounging in her trailer on the lot when Jordan comes to visit. She tells him about her choice to fire her mom and he shares that he liked that the song she performed on Conan was about the two of them. Jordan then asks her if she wants to come over after she’s done shooting, but before anything further can happen, Jordan is called to set. As he’s leaving, he runs into Nina. She asks if he wants to come over tonight and he blows her off.

Paige and Rainer are in dance rehearsals with Twitch (my real-life favorite!) and it’s not going well. Wyatt comes in and tells them they are shooting this number in three days, not three weeks like they had previously thought. He tells them they need to practice the dance night and day until they get it right, even if it means Paige misses her annual birthday dinner with Cassie and Jake.

Tangey visits Jordan at the beach house later that night. Immediately things start to heat up. We also see someone taking pictures of them, but we don’t know who.

The next morning, Paige tells Cassie and Jake she has to cancel her birthday dinner to rehearse with Rainer. Jake starts accusing Rainer of making the situation up so he can get in Paige’s pants. Paige starts throwing back shots at Jake’s relationship with Alexis.

Next, we see Alexis taking a phone call in her trailer, Jake present at her side. Apparently, New Castle Studios wants to meet with them to talk about Jake’s script. I guess that trip to Palm Springs did wonders after all.

Jordan goes to Nina’s office with a letter he received from Brandy. She is in jail. Nina tells him to ignore the whole thing and that Brandy is never going to change. “Look at it this way… the story we built about who you are is finally safe.” Nina tells him to leave the issue alone. After he leaves Nina opens up a package she received with pictures of Tangey and Jordan making out the night before. 

Back with our star, Paige goes to turn in her finished paper when she sees Rainer talking closely to another girl. Paige looks jealous, which I can’t help but secretly love. Jealously story lines are always so enjoyable.

While on set, Nina overhears Rainer and Tangey talking about Jordan. Tangey tells Rainer that her and Jordan are more than just a hook-up. Nina’s pissed. Maybe this whole thing with Nina and Jordan was actually based on real feelings? Or maybe Nina just doesn’t want to relinquish her control? Who knows?

Cassie calls Jake prior to his big meeting and tells him that, despite his anger, he needs to show up to Paige’s birthday celebration later that night. He doesn’t really answer her as he hangs up to go to his meeting with New Castle.

Tangey accuses her mother of cutting off her bank accounts out of spite for firing her. Ida says she’s looking out for her, but Tangey threatens to sue.

Paige pleads with her professor to accept her late paper. Her professor turns her down, not willing to grant her any kind of special privileges.  

Jake and Alexis pitch the script to the head of New Castle Studios, wanting him to take a chance on new talent. He agrees to buy the script. Jake then turns down Alexis’s offer to go celebrate, saying he has to be somewhere.

Paige is upset that everything has gone wrong on her birthday. Cassie tells her to forget all that. She tells Paige they’re going to Rainer’s house and then out to celebrate.

Paige and Cassie arrive at Rainer’s only to be met with a surprise party instead of rehearsal.  Turns out, it was all part of Rainer’s master plan to surprise Paige. He introduces her to Maddie, his party planner and the girl Paige saw him with at the studio. See Paige, there was nothing to be jealous of. Cassie tells her she owes it to Rainer to enjoy the party after he went through all of that trouble to plan it for her.  Jake shows up to see Rainer and Paige being chummy. He doesn’t like what he sees so he leaves.

Jordan breaks things off with Nina. He tells her he cares about her, but he wants to try and make things work with Tangey. Nina has tears in her eyes as she tells him all she ever wants is what’s best for him and he should do what makes him happy.

Tangey confronts her mother and tells her she’s going through with a lawsuit. She doesn’t care what happens to her career.  I applaud her for that bold move.

Jake goes to Alexis’s place to celebrate their big afternoon. Ugh. I honestly might have barfed as they made out. If you couldn’t tell from all my past recaps, I don’t like them at all.

Nina invites Ida to her office and causes chaos. She tells her about Jordan’s parents actually being alive and that Jordan has been lying to her. Jordan lets Tangey stay with him and gives her a credit card so she isn’t starting over alone. Nina also takes a call from her mother, who asks whether or not she’s told Rainer about who his father actually is. Nina says she doesn’t want to complicate things now that his father has become head of the studio. Hmmm, so Rainer’s dad is Alan Mills? Huh! I’m sure that won’t cause any future problems.

Jake comes home the next morning wanting to talk to Paige. Cassie tells him she’s not there, only to be interrupted by PA Adam walking out of her room. When Jake gives her a knowing look, Cassie simply replies, “Like I said, the party was pretty lit.” Great way to get out of not talking about it.

Back at Rainer’s, Paige wakes up alone in his bed, wearing his t-shirt. He comes in from surfing and Paige thanks him for giving her his bed. Rainer tells her that, despite his history and Paige being different from his crazy world, he believes “that different is good.” He asks her to forget about his past because when he’s with her he “wants to change.” Cue my content sigh of relief. 

The episode ends with Ida trying to persuade Brandy to talk about her story.


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