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Movie Review: Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation

Co-directed by Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter, the film, “Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation,” focuses on Iroquois lacrosse players who believe the game is more than just a game. These athletes believe lacrosse is part of a spiritual process, since its roots lay in Iroquois culture, unlike many sports. It also follows well-known people, such as Oren Lyons, the Thompson Brothers, Jim Brown, Bill Belichick and Al Gore, and their relationship with lacrosse.

I will admit, before this documentary, my knowledge of lacrosse was limited to what I’ve seen in episodes of “Teen Wolf,” but this film did a good job of captivating me from start to finish. Quick intercuts from interviews and gameplay do a good job of keeping the audience (even a previously uninformed audience) interested throughout the duration of the movie.

Even if you’re a lacrosse neophyte, “Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation” is a movie I would suggest. You can catch it in theaters on May 26th and on VOD and iTunes on June 20th!


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