Music Review: Daphne Willis’s “Somebody’s Someone”

Daphne Willis may not be a name you know, but it will be soon.

With well over 57,000 streams on Spotify, the Chicago native has burst onto the music scene with her latest single “Somebody’s Someone” under Barefeet Records.

Upon the first play, listeners are immediately drawn in by Willis’s captivating, soulful voice backed by emotion that could only come from experiencing or witnessing someone’s, personal struggle. The emotionally charged track demonstrates Willis’s passion for music and reflects her empathy for others.

“Somebody’s Someone” takes on a darker tone compared to other tunes Daphne has lent her magnificent voice to while employing a compelling narrative that is easily relatable. “Somebody’s Someone” is “a song for anyone who knows addiction, mental illness, homelessness or all of the above.” Willis’s newest track can be seen as a light in dark times and a message of hope for anyone struggling.

It is undeniable that listeners feel a connection to the song, and to Willis, which goes to show this singer-songwriter is here to take the music industry by storm.

Find Daphne Willis on YouTube, Spotify and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter. or her website. Watch the music video for “Somebody’s Someone” here.

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