JordanCon 2017

JordanCon is a fantasy literature convention founded in honor of the late Robert Jordan and his book series “The Wheel of Time.” This convention celebrates its ninth year of a book series of fifteen books that were published over twenty-three years (1990 to 2013). The series has garnered a worldwide fan base that has picked up enough steam to spark a television series.

The first panel I attended was “The Wheel of Time for Beginners.” In this panel, Aubree Pham, Ebony Adomanis and Theresa Gray expounded upon the basics of the books without spoiling the good parts.

Jordan’s series follows three main protagonists through different stages of time that occur when the wheel turns, hence the title. The panelists dolled out their knowledge of the immersive world Jordan created, especially his setup of a world that utilized a highly constructed matriarchy and prevalent inclusion of people of color. The series has encapsulated the hearts of many with its use of war, romance, betrayal, magic and intrigue.

As the discussion got under way, Aubree stated that she has loved the books since she was eleven-years-old. Ebony, who came to the series later stated, “There were only about seven books out, so when I finished the last one, I would just re-read them until the next book was published. Theresa gushed that the series helped to create community of readers and friends that might not have happened otherwise.

I asked the ladies to discuss their feelings of frustration versus satisfaction with the overall story and how it ended. They were all unanimous in their answer. They loved the story and were upset that it ended (There may have been cursing and book throwing involved).

Ebony mentioned the fan backlash over the last three books not being written by Jordan. This only occurred because Jordan passed away before he could finish the series. Theresa explained that new author, Brandon Sanderson, took over writing for the last three books. Sanderson was under strict instruction from the Jordan’s notes and the publisher/editor with how the story should end. “Though, he did have to wing some parts,” chimed in Ebony.

Overall, the official consensus was that the series is well worth the time. As a newcomer to JordanCon and The Wheel of Time series, I will definitely be dipping my toes into this series; besides, I want the title of Wheel of Time hipster before the television adaptation premieres.

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