Four Reasons You Should Listen To Ashley Iaconetti’s “I Don’t Get It” Podcast

If you follow me on Twitter, or have ever read any of my Bachelor-related posts, then you know I am a huge fan of Ashley Iaconetti. Iaconetti rose to fame during her three stints on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” She is known for being a virgin and being what some may call a little too obsessed with fellow “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant Jared Haibon.

So as the self-proclaimed Bachelor franchise guru for TNWU, I pride myself on knowing anything and everything that former contestants are involved in after their season. Recently, Iaconetti started a podcast called “I Don’t Get It.” So, of course, I had to take a listen to it. I was pleasantly surprised after listening to the first episode. Her premise is simple: she discusses topics that she does not understand. She touches on everything from dating in the tech age to pop culture phenomena to everyday annoyances and everything in between. I’ve enjoyed her discussions so much that I actually look forward to new episodes when they are released on Tuesdays. Even if you’re not a big fan of “The Bachelor” franchise, you should still give the podcast a listen and here are four reasons why:

She keeps it real. On episode 4, titled “Beauty Rituals, Plastic Surgery, and Grooming,” Iaconetti and her sister Lauren talk about every step of their beauty routines, from Botox to shaving to wearing makeup everyday. They talk about it all. They also debate what works for them and what doesn’t. While some may say this episode was too personal or that adhering to certain societal standards of beauty is stupid, I applaud both of them for being so realistic and open about what they do to their bodies and the pressure they do and do not feel to fit in.

Each episode is a conversation I either have had or would have with my girlfriends. This kind of goes off my last point, but one of the main reasons I tune in each and every week is because I find myself relating to each topic of conversation in one way or another. From fuck boys to puberty to the right way to play “the game,” these topics are all things I have either discussed personally with my friends or would be willing to discuss. The Iaconetti sisters do a great job at picking topics that are not just relatable, but that people want advice on. I have no doubt I’m not the only person who has benefited from their conversations.

She is entertaining as fuck. In episode 13, titled “Embarrassing Bachelor Journal & Diary Entries,” the Iaconetti sisters record Ashley reading some of her embarrassing entries from both her childhood diary and Bachelor journal. My favorite one is from the summer of 2003, when Ashley was fifteen. She wrote:

“Wow. It has been too long since I wrote in here. The big events: Reuben Studdard won ‘American Idol.’ I wanted Reuben to win it at first, that night, but now I’m totally in love with runner-up Clay Aiken. I went on the Navigator of the Seas, an eagle-class World Caribbean cruise ship the day after school let out. And major: the night of July 28, American Idol concert live. I went as a Reuben fan, who also loved Clay, and totally left in love with Clayton Holmes Grissom Aiken. Okay, Clay, I totally love him. So after that I spent days looking for tickets and dates. I found floor section 1 row L seats for three people on, that’s twelfth row, in Richmond. After days of begging and crying, I got to see my scream worthy, future, North Carolina homeboy husband, Clay, with my dad and Sierra. We went down to Richmond last night, Tuesday August 5th. I love Clay. In other news, the big story in the news is Kobe Bryant is under rape charges. Tonight was the Teen Choice Awards. Clay and Reuben are on ‘The View’ tomorrow. Right now I’m watching Jay Leno, where Arnold S. [Schwarzenegger] will announce whether he will be running for Governor. Tomorrow is Sierra’s birthday party. I’m not taking any crap from Kelly about what she thinks about Clay; I love him. I hate Mountain Dew, not the drink, but my high school crush. Messy, but I must watch. See ya. Clay baby, I miss you.”

It might not read as funny, but just listen to the podcast and I promise you will find it hysterical. I had to stop myself multiple times from laughing out loud in the middle of Starbucks. Even without reading diary entries from her 14-year old self, Iaconetti never fails to make me laugh each episode. She is witty and always keeps the jokes rolling each and every episode.

If you ARE a Bachelor fan, you will love her guests. With three franchise appearances under her belt, Iaconetti knows, and is friends with, the who’s who of “The Bachelor” family. She’s had everyone on from her exes, Jared Haibon and Wells Adams, to one of the franchise’s biggest #relationshipgoals couples, Jade and Tanner Tolbert. The former contestants not only shine light on their experiences on the show, but they talk about their personal experiences with whatever that week’s topic is. I personally feel that the guests add a level of credibility to the podcast and I look forward to seeing which of my favorite contestants she will bring on next.

You can find “I Don’t Get It” on iTunes or at

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