No Competition: Tom Bergeron is the Best Host on Television

Yo, other television show hosts. I’m really happy for you, but Tom Bergeron is the best of all time. Of all time.

Seriously. This is not even up for debate.

Bergeron has been the host of “Dancing With The Stars” since the show premiered in June 2005. 23 seasons later, he has, quite simply, become the best-of-the-best when it comes to television hosts. This is not a knock at his co-host, Erin Andrews, whom I have the greatest respect for as a sports journalist. But, Bergeron has been around from the beginning and is a core part of the show. Without him, the show wouldn’t be as enjoyable; it just wouldn’t feel right.

The best thing about Bergeron as a host, is that he somehow manages to keep the whole crazy production that is “Dancing With The Stars” rolling. Surrounded by a group of overly-spray-tanned stars, in barely-there costumes, a live orchestra, a panel of four kooky judges and countless other gimmicks on any given Monday night, Bergeron keeps the show on-time week in and week out. You know he’s a true professional because he makes it look effortless.

He’s also straight-up hilarious. Bergeron manages to be extremely funny without ever being overtly inappropriate; he’s mastered the art of throwing shade while still being the most likable guy around. His quick wit delivers the right zingers to transition in and out of commercial breaks. Seriously, I just want him to narrate my entire life the way he hosts this show.

He is also charming, but not cheesy. In my opinion, a good television host is someone you want to spend week after week with because, for the two to three months that “Dancing With The Stars” is on air, you actually do in some weird way. What is inherently tricky, especially on a competition show like “Dancing with the Stars,” is that the host cannot be the star of the show. Bergeron, however, strikes a perfect balance between personality and commentator. He hosts the show and cracks jokes, but never distracts from the main event: the dancing. Every week he represents a comforting sense of normality and humor amidst the chaotic competition that I highly enjoy.

Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree.

“Dancing With The Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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  1. I completely agree, and what you said above also rings true to how he was as a host on AFV but what you left out is how much he cares. When Marie Osmond fainted he went right down with her, and very professionally cut to commercial break. He has been supportive of the stars when they were clearly emotional, such as when he gave Lindsey a hug after her emotional memorable year performance. The show is so enjoyable because he is so genuine.

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