Five Best Moments of “Shadowhunters” Episode 2.09, “Bound by Blood”

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They say blood is thicker than water, but on the latest episode of Shadowhunters, we also learn blood can have deadly consequences—or, at least, blood oaths can. In “Bound by Blood,” Clary discovers the terrifying consequences of her deal with the warlock Iris: if she can’t find the kidnapped warlock-child Madzie, she will be consumed by the blood curse that is slowly spreading throughout her body. Naturally, this new threat against Clary sends Jace, Simon and Luke into protective overdrive. Saving her depends entirely on them finding Madzie, so all their energy is diverted to that cause.

Nevertheless, that isn’t the only bit of drama happening in this episode. While Operation Save Clary is underway, we also find out Isabelle’s relationship with Raphael has progressed substantially. The two have become quite chummy. But is it genuine? Their intimacy hinges on the exchange of blood for venom, after all, with Isabelle being as addicted to Raphael’s venom as he is to her blood. It’s completely reasonable to doubt the legitimacy of their professed feelings.

And that’s exactly what Alec does when he discovers their relationship. Not only does he forbid Raphael from coming around his sister, he also confronts Aldertree about his role in getting her hooked to Yin Fen. I was extremely pleased when Alec stood up to Aldertree and took charge of the Institute. It was a long time coming, in my opinion.

However, I was less than pleased with how Alec treated Magnus in the fallout of the Isabelle revelation. He acted like Magnus knowingly chose to keep Isabelle’s addiction a secret when that wasn’t the case at all. I can only imagine Alec was so overcome with guilt that he needed to lash out at someone to relieve some of the burden and Magnus was the most convenient target.

Finally, this episode tackled the rising agitation of the Downworlders, who are facing extermination if Valentine succeeds in his plans. One repercussion was Maia deciding to kill Clary as the best course of action. Unsurprisingly, she fails, but it quickly becomes apparent that other Downworlders share her view. When Luke, Raphael and Magnus meet with Meliorn, at what I have affectionately dubbed the Council of Downworlders, he makes it clear he will do whatever it takes to save the Downworld from Valentine’s wrath.

Overall, this was another busy episode that effectively juggled multiple storylines amid a number of notable scenes. Here are my best five moments from Shadowhunters’ episode 2.09, “Bound by Blood.”

1) Clary and Simon Make-Out in a Canoe

Am I the only one who thinks Clary and Simon are moving a little fast? It was only last episode that they finally got together as a couple and now they’re taking each other’s clothes off in a canoe. Maybe it’s simply that they are trying to make up for lost time. Regardless, this was the most light-hearted moment of the episode, a moment that allowed them to set their worries aside and just be teenagers for a bit. In that sense, it was precious, especially considering the danger hovering on the horizon. It’s a pity that Jace had to walk in and puncture their happy, little bubble.

2) Maia Takes Matters into Her Own Hands

Don’t crucify me, but I kind of understand the reasoning behind Maia’s actions. Faced with the prospect of Valentine using Clary to destroy the entire Downworld, Maia felt she had no choice but to kill Clary. Therefore, I don’t think she really wanted Clary dead—well, I take that back; she might have, subconsciously, since she’s still carrying a torch for Simon. And there is an element of self-preservation here, too. Altogether, I can’t say Maia was entirely in the wrong. What I can say is: I’m glad Clary had the chance to defend herself from Maia’s attack instead of one of the boys doing it for her.

3) Raphael Teaches Isabelle How to Cook

We’d all be lying to ourselves if we said we didn’t see this coming. Due to Isabelle’s addiction to Yin Fen and Raphael’s growing addiction to her blood, the two of them have become an item, and what an item they are! On the surface, it would seem their relationship is purely based on their respective habits. However, I think there is more at work here. The two seemed to have a genuine moment in the kitchen when they opened up to one another. That makes me think their romance is built on more than just blood and venom.

4) The Return of Meliorn

Jade Hassoune is back! I was so glad to see Meliorn again and hope he sticks around for a while. There’s so much we still don’t know about him and the Seelies. More so, he could prove to be a valuable ally against Valentine, even if he appears to be, for now, on Team Get Rid of Clary Before It’s Too Late. (There’s still time for him to change his mind!) With that said, I loved the Lord of the Rings feel of this scene. With ambassadors present from the warlocks, vampires, werewolves and Seelies, it was like the Council of Downworlders convening to discuss their best course of action in the face of eminent doom. The only thing missing was a hopeful young Hobbit…maybe Simon could fill that role.

5) Jace Finds Madzie (But There’s a Catch)

This was the moment when we all breathed a sigh of relief and then promptly gasped in shock. Just when you thought Clary had narrowly escaped danger, the child-warlock Madzie had to open a portal and spirit her off to Valentine. Granted, Madzie’s being manipulated, but still…. Luckily, Jace, Simon and Luke are able to find Clary in time, but that leads to a significant snag: Valentine then disappears with Simon! (This dude really needs to stop kidnapping people, it’s gotten out of hand.)

Honorable Mention

Alec Tracks Isabelle Down (And Makes a Shocking Discovery)

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Alec, after inevitably finding out about his sister’s addiction to Yin Fen, tracks her to Raphael’s apartment where he catches the two of them in the act. What follows is the confrontation of all confrontations. Before Alec even considers lecturing Isabelle, he takes his rage out on Raphael. Fortunately for the vampire, Magnus steps in to save his life. However, that only redirects Alec’s guilt-riddled rage to a dumbfounded Magnus. Not to worry, I’m sure the two of them will get over this hurdle,

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