Bidding Adieu to Teen Wolf


The Cast Celebrating Their 100th Episode (Credit to MTV)

This article will be a bit different than the ones I usually write.

This week, Teen Wolf concluded shooting its last episode of the series. It’s incredible how a show, that’s essentially about a boy trying to navigate life as a werewolf, has become to me over the past 7 years.

I remember sitting there watching the first episode, after some MTV award show, and thinking “this show will never get picked up for more.” Here we are 6 seasons later. If it wasn’t for the wonderful chemistry the cast seems to have, both onscreen and off, I’m sure it would not have made it this far.

Through Tyler Posey’s great generosity and kindness, the character of Scott McCall became one I will never forget.

The friendship between Tyler and Dylan O’Brien, and their like characters, Scott and Stiles, showed me what real love is in a friendship.

Scott and Allison’s tragic love story taught me life does go on, even after heartbreak.

All of this is something I will deeply miss.

It’s a bit strange to mention that Teen Wolf is what pushed me to want to write more; it’s what brought me to Talk Nerdy With Us. The show kick started my career and for that I’m grateful. I feel as though I’ve grown up with it (as I started watching it sometime in high school and now I’m graduating college).

Tune into MTV this summer to watch the final episodes of Teen Wolf and follow along on TNWU’s Twitter. I’ll be live tweeting with you–if I can get through my tears, that is.

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