AR Ferdinand Releases Debut Album “Wild Fiction”

Lauded by Magnetic and Complex Magazines El Salvador’s AR Ferdinand streams his debut album Wild Fiction beginning on March 31.  The press had this to say about Wild Fiction:

“Sexy alone took over a year to perfect, but the resulting track was absolutely worth the time and effort.” – Magnetic Magazine

“A jazzy, futuristic brand of R&B capped off with Justo Ontario’s ultra-cool, utterly soulful vocals.” – Complex Magazine

Wild Fiction is the incredible new debut album from AR Ferdinand who multi-tasks as producer, composer, mixer and mastering engineer on the record. Ferdinand’s resume is loaded with experience working with many local talents as well as international artists. You will get the feeling that this album is a complex collaboration between artists of many tastes. The collaborations give each track a unique sound and feel. Listen to this triumph debut here and see what the excitement is all about.

Fernando Arroyo, aka AR Ferdinand says:

“I’ve spent the past 3 years of my life working on this. I always try to think big and do things that challenge me; 3 years ago making an album was it.” Fernando continues, “Just one song survived the span of that time which is Vespucci Beach, the other songs were made between then and a couple of weeks before I finished it.”

Ferdinand started working on Wild Fiction in August 2014.  In the time since, he has completely changed the direction the music was heading due to so many roadblocks that plagued the project.  Ferdinand considered quitting many times as the stress of these challenges consumed him.

“I grew a lot personally through this, it was an awful time in my life and the music kept me sane through it. I felt depressed all the time and the first versions of the album were like that. I changed my life personally but I kept that character that I makes my music unique. I believe that’s the most important thing, at least in music.”

Fernando, however, kept working on Wild Fiction, while releasing some remixes and singles. The album features variety of different talent including: Harriet Brown, who is featured on the first song, along with Axel Mansoor and Safari Al from L.A. Fernando also worked very closely with Roberto Herodier (Josh Oleo) and other local talents.

“Roberto is basically a co-producer for like half the record. He helped me a lot with song composition, arrangements, and guitars, which are featured all through the project. The next big thing we are working on is his EP Chemicals which I’m real excited to start working on.” – AR Fernando

With its March 31 debut via WUBADUBDUB, Wild Fiction promises to be a step in a new direction, bringing some freshness to a stagnant world of music. AR Ferdinand hopes that as he showcases his debut album that he will inspire others in the way other artists have inspired him. Fernando believes that you don’t need to keep using the same formula over and over again.

“You should always try to put in something new, strive to create something unique out of all the stuff you like.”

 Wild Fiction’ is available March 31 from WUBADUDUB.

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