TNWU Bi-Weekly Superlatives (February 12th – 25th)


Best One-liner: Supergirl

“Of course I knew.  I’m psychic.” – J’onn J’onzz

(Contributed by AJ Mullican)

Biggest OTP Moment: The Walking Dead


As if our Richonne feels couldn’t get any stronger, we were proven wrong when Rick gifted Michonne with a junkyard sculpture of a cat.  I know, I know…it doesn’t seem that romantic, but in a world where the dead roam the Earth and you never know if today is your last, it’s a sweet reminder that it’s the little things that count.  It was also a major callback to season 3 when Michonne grabbed a cat sculpture while with Carl.  Rick takes note of the little things that Michonne likes.

Most Emotional Scene: the 100

clarke makes the list

Clarke’s goal has always been to save all of her people.  It’s been her goal since the moment the dropship fell to Earth.  In season 1 she fought to save her people from the Grounders and in season 2 she fought to save her people from Mount Weather.  The safety and survival of her people has always been her priority.  But season 4 has presented her with a threat that she isn’t able to fight and she is struck with the realization that saving everyone is no longer an option.  Instead, she is forced to make a list of 100 people to survive, leaving over 500 Arkadians to die.  It’s a heartbreaking moment.  With two spots left, she chooses to write Bellamy’s name down, but she refuses to write her own.

Most Heartbreaking moment: THE 100


We all pretty much know that the worst thing that could happen to Bellamy is him losing his sister.  Ever since the beginning of the series he’s been trying to protect her – it’s the very reason he shot Jaha and came to Earth on the dropship.  So when he hears the news that Octavia is dead (killed by Echo, who he had once trusted) he has a complete breakdown.  We’ve never seen Bellamy be that vulnerable and broken before, and it stung.  “My sister, my responsibility.”

best buddy moment: riverdale

Veronica and cheryl

Kudos to Veronica for being there for Cheryl when not even her parents are.  In this week’s episode of Riverdale, Veronica decided to be the bigger person and try to diffuse the feud that she has with Cheryl, and surprisingly Cheryl seems relatively eager to do the same.  And while Cheryl’s parents blame her for Jason’s death, Veronica understands her and encourages her to do whatever she needs to do to cope with his loss.  It was an unexpected buddy moment that I’m hoping we see more of.

best plot twist: the 100

luna survives

“The Four Horsemen” delivered a plot-twist that we never saw coming.  At the beginning of the episode Nyko shows up to the gates of Arkadia with a very sick Luna and a few others.  They are all suffering from acute radiation sickness, and slowly they each begin to die.  But Luna not only survives, but heals, her body rejecting the radiation.  It turns out that her Nightblood may be the answer to saving humanity.

weirdest moment: New Girl

getting aly to pull a prank

In order to get Rhonda to divorce Winston, Aly had to agree to pull one final prank with the psycho soon to be ex. Who knew it would be one of the most disturbing pranks ever? Rhonda’s team rolled her into a hospital room on a gurney, covered with a sheet, pretending to be in labor. When the victim of the prank peeks under the sheet to check on the progress, out pops full-grown Aly’s head from a hole cut in the gurney. Ew. And Ew. And weird. (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

cutest moment: Jane the virgin

Anything with mateo and rogelio

Watching Mateo soak up all the crazy that is his family and then throw it back at them is one of my favorite parts of the time skip. This week Rogelio found himself in several sticky situations that he attempted to fix with swag baskets. During one of their adorable grandfather/grandson moments, Rogelio and Matelio talk about one of Ro’s situations to which the youngster suggested an apology basket fix. This little one didn’t fall far from the De La Vega tree. (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

most shocking: timeless

lucy’s mom

When Lucy’s mom showed up on Timeless, alive and well, she sort of just blended in doing her mom thing. Not until the season finale’s final minutes did she reveal to Lucy (who was spouting out a real crazy story) that she, too, was Rittenhouse which made Lucy pretty much royalty! I’m still not sure if this whole thing is the result of some sort of butterfly effect thing that the Time Team did in the past but she’s got some explaining to do! Fingers crossed for season two so we can hear more of what dear old mom has to say. (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

most suspenseful: the 100

octavia “dies”

I’m still full of suspense after this scene.  Octavia is a great warrior, trained by Indra, but she is no match for Echo.  And when Echo’s sword went through Octavia’s gut and out the other side and Octavia fell a lot of feet into a river, it seemed like it would be the last that we’d see of her.  But Octavia is a warrior and it’s going to take a lot more than a little scratch and fall to kill her, and thank goodness for that because we weren’t ready to see her story come to a close.

most terrifying scene: the walking dead


Rick and crew happened on a new community of survivors who had kidnapped Gabriel. They talked funny and they were creepy and insane looking people. Rick, possibly sensing their crazy, invited them to join his gang on their crusade to take down the Saviors. The leader decided to take Rick to the UP UP to show him the expanse of their garbage kingdom and, to test his resolve, then pushed him into a mini-Mad Maxesque battle ring to fight a ginsu covered zombie-walker monster which will probably keep me up all night. (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

performer of the week: this is us

Ron Cephas JONES as william hill and sterling k. brown as randall pearson

Since Randall Pearson knocked on his bio-dad’s door there has been a special chemistry between father and son that has made us laugh and cry and love. This week Randall and William set out on a road trip that was meant to be a journey through William’s past. We know now that it was his last ride. With some of the most brilliant acting I’ve seen on network television in a long time, Sterling K. Brown and Ron Cephas Jones captured everything, felt each emotion brilliantly and took us on an adventure through hardship and joy, ending in William’s moment of passing that was unforgettable. (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

That’s it for this week!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add!  We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards!

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