It’s “All Your Fault” According to Bebe Rexha

Chances are you haven’t heard the name Bebe Rexha more than once, but get ready for it to be all Bebe all the time.

Self-made breakup letter tracks like “Small Doses,” “F.F.F.” and “Atmosphere” explore topics from toxic relationships and fake friends and overbearing relationships. Rexha’s EP imitates the emotional stages of relationships of all types from the optimistic attitude of “I Got You” to grappling developing relationships that are no good with “Gateway Drug,” Rexha’s EP has something for everyone.

Rexha comes out strong with a slow pop song where she proclaims her love for her partner but recognizes there isn’t enough love for them in this lifetime leading to the impending breakup.

“I Got You”
An energetic song follows the sense of hope when forming a possible relationship. The central feeling is nothing short of optimistic and serves as a mood elevator when compared to the rest of the EP.

“Small Doses”
A song depicting the downward spiral of a relationship. Rexha starts by remembering the perfect beginning of the relationship that is interrupted by the complexity and hot and cold feelings.

“F. F. F. (Feat. G-Eazy)”
A temperamental song expressing the tiredness of fake friends and desperation for somebody real. Overall, “F.F.F.” serves as a warning of the scarcity of people who will be loyal to friends in all situations. G- Easzy’s verses lend to the overall materialism of F.F.F’s.

“Gateway Drug”
A futuristic vibe that spells out the complex dynamics of any relationship. “Gateway Drug” speaks on the unreliability of relationships and how one taste is never enough.

“Bad Bitch (Feat. Ty Dolla Sign)”
Centered on the idea of altering parts of yourself to be compatible with a partner, but also articulates the independence an individual has to possess in able to handle the spit-fire lyrics Rexha includes.

Rexha released her debut EP “All Your Fault” February 17th under Warner Brothers Records. “All Your Fault Part 2” will be available for download in April.

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