Exclusive Interview with The 100’s Tasya Teles

Liz Rosa

Our favorite post-apocalyptic TV show has just returned, and fans have already been spoiled with an ample amount of Echo.  Joining The CW’s hit TV show The 100 back in season 2, Tasya Teles’ character Echo quickly gained attention, and the hype surrounding her character only grew when she betrayed Bellamy in season 3.  Reprising the role for season 4, Teles is taking on a much more prominent role, working side-by-side with King Roan.  In an exclusive interview, Tasya Teles talks about what’s to come for her character this season, how she would fare in the apocalypse and what she nerds out about.

How did you get started in acting?  When did you know that it was something that you wanted to do?

It’s something I always knew I wanted to do, but never had the courage to pursue professionally. It wasn’t until I was finishing my business degree that it became really clear to me I was going in the wrong direction. I was a tad depressed at the time, because I knew I was in the wrong field, but didn’t know how to fix the problem. I took an acting class to soothe my soul, and immediately a light turned on. I knew at that moment it was the only option for me.

What can you tell us about your character Tricia in Prison Break?

Like many of the characters I play, shes tough and strong willed. Shes fought her way to the top of the food chain, only to later be duped by a surprise ex-lover.  It messes with her position at NSA, and she is not happy about it. I always say, never mix business and pleasure! 

Were you a fan of Prison Break before you auditioned for the revival?

Absolutely. It was a real treat to be a part of this story. I’m excited to see the revival of the show when it airs.

The last time that we saw Echo in The 100, she was helping Queen Nia by leading Bellamy and the others into a trap so that Mount Weather could be destroyed.  What can we expect from her in Season 4?  How would you describe her relationship with the other characters, such as Roan?

Echo goes through a lot this season, which is maybe her karmic retribution for the Mount Weather betrayal in Season three. No one is innocent in the land of The 100, and Echo is among those who’ve gone to extreme lengths to defend their people. With Roan, Echo is his ultimate defender, and closest confidant.

Can we expect to see any scenes between Echo and Bellamy?

We most certainly can. In fact, there were already a couple in the premiere of season four. Those two are inextricably linked through their experience in Mount Weather, which could either be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on who you ask.

Is there anything else that you can tease about Season 4?

Well, I will say this, there is a really spectacular and disastrous event to look forward to. Not many survive. And I’m not talking about the missiles.

What is it like behind the scenes for The 100?  Are there any fun stories that you can share?

One day Zach and I, along with the makeup girls, were all trying to figure out where the Ice Nation’s white war paint came from. We created many hilarious theories that day. Is it a beautifying clay mask? Or what if it’s edible? Perhaps a powdered food item, or energy powder, which we could dab in our mouths to get strong before battle, much like Popeye’s spinach. The theory that eventually stuck was this elaborate story of the Ice Nation albatross. We’d send our young to climb this impossible mountain far, far away, in hopes of reaching the mysterious Ice Nation Albatross nest. There, the children would scoop up mounds of guano to bring home for the Ice Nation warriors. If they made it back to the clan alive, they were then confirmed as legitimate Ice Nation warriors. It was a rite of passage so to speak. Whenever someone messed up on set, we would send them to ‘get guano’ as their punishment. 

If you were living in the world of The 100, do you think you’d be able to survive?

Oh my gosh, this is the first time I’ve been asked this! Though I’ve definitely thought about it before. Well, I guess I have a little bit of Echo in me, so hopefully, that counts for some survival points. It’s not an easy world to live in; I could see myself joining some hippie yoga tribe, à la Floukru with Luna, and avoiding conflict altogether. Or do the opposite, and surround myself with the most badass warriors out there, which is Ice Nation for sure. Then I would just hide behind them. 

Since our website is called Talk Nerdy With Us, what is something nerdy about you?  What do you nerd-out over?

Oh, I’m a mega nerd. I love nerding out on all sorts of things. It’s always changing. Right now I guess this whole biohacking trend has caught my attention. I found some really mind-bending podcasts on the Bulletproof Executive, and I’m totally nerding out on them. Specifically, if you must know, I am also very interested in the mitochondrial function to maximize energy levels and slow down the aging process. How nerdy is that?!


Catch Tasya on The CW’s The 100 Wednesdays at 9 PM EST.


  1. Good evening, Iit’s glad and nice to be the first comment in this page. Anyway I would like to give my compliment to this beautiful actress ( I like her very much) that is running its way to graet awards in the Hollywood cinematografy. I discover Tasya ( wonderful name) in the tv show The 100 season two when she met Bellamy in Mount Weather closed in a prison underground. In the fourth season of the show she becomes more present, near Ice nation king and clan and she becomes the Imperial guard. I’d to confess that she ‘s perfect indicate for her role as a warrior and she receive all my esteem and admiration to become a fun on the popular social media .
    Keep the good work, don’t stop your self as actress and do the best you can as well. Hope to see you in more tv shows and may be one day to meet each other and know us better. A sincerly huge and a big greetings from Italy from an Italian american tv shows fun and lover, guitar man building, guy father and sport lover.

  2. Nice comment Humbert. I’m intrigued that the 100 female actors get to express power which adds a new, exciting and unknown facet of reality that society, literature and drama have hitherto been loathe to explore. I revel in the energy released by male and especially female actors, in Season 4, as they articulate their strength, power, range of emotions. Tasya/Echo is one of the first females to make this feel real, stunning and cunning in her drive yet subtle and complex in her motivations. Great drama, greater potential. Let the real battles begin!

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