Single Review of King Shelter’s “Gholy Host”

Orange County salad rockers, King Shelter, have recently released their new single, “Gholy Host.” The band themselves call their genre “salad rock” because of its eclectic mixture of everything between surf, grunge, and alternative.

“Gholy Host,” according to the band, is meant to remind listeners that “there are much bigger things than politics and much more important things than being correct in an argument.” Whether you agree or not, the band says they are simply “trying to keep faith in the human race” which, can’t we all agree on that? This point resonates when you hear the lyrics ‘I want to trust you, but I don’t know how’ because many of us find ourselves saying this to humanity. We’d like to put our trust and faith in the human race, but sometimes it’s a little hard to figure out how or why.

The track is upbeat and something you can jam to, but it has lyrics that, if you listen close enough, make you think, especially when keeping the meaning and purpose of the song in mind. If you like “music made for the people, by the people,” then this band is for you. For any West Coast nerds, King Shelter will have their single release show at The Echo in Los Angeles on February 4th!

You can stream “Gholy Host” over on Baeble Music!

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