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WCW Ana Ularu

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If you haven’t been watching Emerald City (hangs head in shame for I haven’t), then GET ON IT. Seriously, today’s WCW is dedicated to Ana Ularu, who plays West on NBC’s newest hit.

Born in Romania and fluent in four languages, Ana has been acting since 1995 with about half of her resume being in foreign films and shorts. North American audiences had their first major taste of Ana when she guest starred on The Borgias as Charlotte D’Albret, a potential love interest for Cesare.

In 2014 she had a role in the Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence film Serena. Two years later she would be in a major blockbuster, Inferno, with Tom Hanks (which I also haven’t seen even though I love the Robert Langdon films/books).

As stated above, Ana is currently in NBC’s Emerald City. The show itself features several up-and-coming stars who I know we’re all looking forward to seeing more of.

Written by Jenni Bradley

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