The End Is Coming

From the very start of The 100, the characters have never had it easy.  They overcome one obstacle only to have another thrown in their path.  In season 1, 100 juvenile delinquents were sent to Earth, forced to survive in a foreign land with the threat of the native people lurking around every corner.  Things weren’t much better back in space, the Ark’s supply of oxygen dwindling rapidly, forcing the Chancellor and residents to make a last-minute decision to journey to Earth despite the risks it involved.  Season 2 saw the coming together of the Sky People and the Grounders, an alliance forming between them in order to defeat the Mountain Men, but season 3 saw that alliance quickly beginning to crumble when Pike was elected Chancellor.  The City of Light storyline that had been teased since season 2 finally came to fruition in one of the most brutal and gruesome seasons to date.  But the characters have never before faced a threat as dire as the one they will face in season 4: the world’s nuclear power plants are beginning to meltdown.

“Black rain will come first.  There will be no drinkable water.  Precancerous lesions will form.  Death is inevitable,” A.L.I.E. warns before Clarke pulls the lever, ultimately sentencing herself and all souls on Earth to a new plague-like world.  It is a threat unlike any they have faced before, and it is not one that they can simply defeat or run from.  96% of the Earth will be struck uninhabitable.  “The end is coming.”

The season four trailer offers little hope, and it paints a bleak picture for those remaining on the ground.  “I know you’re afraid.  I know you’re angry.  But if we stick together, we won’t just survive, we’ll thrive,” Clarke states during one moment in the trailer, and it seems to be the overrunning theme of the season: the characters no longer want just to survive for the sake of surviving, they want to have something to live for.  But will the threat of a radiation-soaked planet be one that they can’t overcome?

Check out the trailer and read on for what we thought when we watched it!

The 100 returns to The CW Wednesday, February 1st, at 9 PM EST.

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