Rising Artist Isabella Releases Spell-Binding New Single “Olé”

Credit: Caesar Osiris
Credit: Caesar Osiris

As an artist, Isabella has already made quite a name for herself, effectively combining pop music with Caribbean Latin rhythms to create an international sound that is both unique and breathtaking. As a result, she has collaborated with some of the most renowned talents in the industry, including Capitol Records artist BJ the Chicago Kid, who has worked with Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper, for the single “Love Inside” for his debut album In My Mind.

Cover Art for New Single “Olé.”

Now, she’s ready to take the world by storm with her new single “Olé” from her upcoming untitled EP. The song, which tells the story of a king who is willing to sacrifice everything for the love of the world, reflects Isabella’s various influences, such as gypsy culture and flamenco in southern Spain. According to Isabella, the writing process for “Olé” began during a car ride. “I fell asleep slightly and started singing the chorus,” Isabella reminisced in a recent interview. “The producer and I got into the studio to record the other songs from the EP. On the last day, we committed to recording “Olé.” I wanted “Olé” to be as special as it was unexpected.”

Ultimately, Isabella and her team were successful in this regard. The percussion featured in “Olé” reflects not only the sounds of Puerto Rico and the diversity of that culture but also the multitude of musical styles that have surrounded her since her youth. Among those artists that Isabella credits as major influences: Pink Floyd, No Doubt, and Sade. “I also love artists who incorporate their folklore like the Gipsy Kings,” Isabella added.

When asked which artists she would love to collaborate with, Isabella’s response reflected this wide-ranging musical taste. “I would like to collaborate with Ricky Martin; I admire his unique charisma and sensitivity. Another great musician that I would like to collaborate with is Bruno Mars. I like that we are both Islanders and share a diversity of genres in our music.”

Concerning the question of how “Olé” fits into the sound of the rest of the EP, Isabella asserted that “Olé” complements and even serves as a fantastic lead-in for the other songs. “It is a great introduction to their lyrical content and acoustic renditions.”

Additionally, the music video for “Olé” shows off Isabella’s prowess as a dancer and creative visionary. While filming the video, Isabella said: “I really enjoyed performing the dance sequences! I also loved working alongside the director and DP. Their creativity and dedication were inspiring.”

Isabella’s EP will be released in early 2017, but to get a taste of what this brilliant new artist has up her sleeve, take a look at the captivating video for “Olé” below:

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