Five Shows to Binge Watch This Winter Break

Since I am already on winter, I found it fitting to write a post about five shows to binge watch during winter break. If your college isn’t weird like mine, then your winter break might not be this early. However, it’s always great to have some shows to keep in mind when you do go on break! (I know I have a list of shows to binge watch over break; however, it takes me like a month to watch three episodes.)


The Office

 During the spring, I finally sat down to binge watch this show. After all, everyone talked about it. I was curious about the fuss, so I decided to give it a try. And I am so glad I did! The Office is one of those shows where everything is great: the cast, the writing, the storylines, etc. There were some episodes that I laughed so hard I was crying. No, it’s not one of those profound shows that has some hidden and meaningful message. Just trust me on this when I say it’s hilarious and just wonderful. I’m already rewatching it because it’s just too funny.  Bonus: Jim and Pam are adorable. All nine series are available on Netflix to binge-watch to your heart’s content.

Parks and Recreation

I watched this show a couple of summers ago. Again, it has a great ensemble cast, writing, and storylines. Also, there are some great quotes that you are sure to use in everyday conversation. Honestly, though, if you haven’t watched this show, you really need to. I do have to say it’s for a specific kind of sitcom watcher as a lot of the comedy is dry. However, the characters are all relatable and weird. I love it. Seriously, I could watch this show over and over. Chris Pratt is one of the main characters. Need I say more? All seven seasons are on Netflix.

Once Upon a Time

You had to know I would find a way to fit this into this post. Okay, so I may be biased because I’m in love with this show, but watch it. It’s a spin on Disney fairytales that we all grew up with. The idea revolving around this show is so creative, and the cast has amazing chemistry. It’s a bit of a darker show, but it has its light-hearted moments. Plus, the best OTP on TV is on this show: CaptainSwan. The women characters in the series are also some of the most bad ass women on TV which is always great to watch. This show will give you all the feels. Up to season 5 is on Netflix as the show is still running.


I have literally seen every episode at least ten times. If not more. It’s a 90’s sitcom, but it is one of the best comedies ever. And I do mean ever. All of the characters are likable (besides Ross. I have a problem with Ross.) I am still in awe with how funny and real the writing on this show was. Not to mention the actors and actresses on this show made the characters so believable. There are ten seasons, so it’s a bit of a long series, but so worth watching! Plus, there are some wonderful lines that you will quote every chance you get. Maybe that’s just me…just watch it.


Normally I am not one to watch shows about zombies and death, but this show is hilarious! It’s a dark comedy. Once again, the cast blends perfectly together. Just make sure you don’t get attached to some characters because as it is a show about zombies, not everyone survives. Unfortunately, it is a relatively newer show, so only two seasons are on Netflix. Despite that, I highly recommend it to any zombie, comic or crime/comedy lovers.

If you haven’t seen any of the above shows, I highly recommend them all. I am super picky with TV shows, but I was hooked on all of these from the pilot episodes.

Happy binge watching!

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