“Con Man” Season 2’s First Four Episodes Riddled with Hilarity and Parody


To say that the first four episodes of Con Man’s highly-anticipated second season deliver laughs would be an understatement. Keeping up the web series’ reputation for fast-paced wit and intriguing storylines, the season two premiere finds the show’s two principal characters, Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk) and Jack Moore (Nathan Fillon) facing a monumental crossroads in their respective careers. As was established in the first season, Jack is committed to bringing the popular sci-fi series Spectrum, which launched his career, to the big screen. Meanwhile, Wray is still struggling to prevent himself from being pigeon-holed in the sci-fi genre on account of his role in Spectrum. These incongruous objectives create a compelling tension between Jack and Wray, a tension that is sure to be present for the remainder of the season.

Of course, underlying all of this is humor—and what glorious humor it is! Both Tudyk and Fillon have already proven themselves to be masters of comedy, and these first four episodes remind us of that. In addition, they bring along some stellar guest stars, including Dr. Ken regular Jonathon Slavin, who dazzles as Wray’s agent, and returning season one regular Mindy Sterling, who finds herself in an exciting new role.

One of the most compelling aspects of the first four episodes, however, is the satirical way in which they reflect on the nature of the entertainment industry itself. As is often reiterated by multiple characters, “these are difficult times,” which means that not only is job security pretty much nonexistent but also that the industry itself is less accommodating. They aren’t as interested in humoring actors’ passion projects as much as they are interested in pushing actors into roles that will make the industry money. And then, of course, there is the shallowness, because nothing makes the industry more money than young, hot new talent.

What does this mean for our struggling cast of characters? Let’s just say that they are forced to fight harder than ever for what they want to accomplish. Let’s also say that they are forced into scenarios which give them the opportunity to engage in some impressive self-parody as well as fast and furious comedy. Fans of Con Man can, therefore, expect to enjoy this second season as much as they did the first.

Con Man season two premieres December 8th on Comic Con HQ. To get a taste of what’s to come, check out the trailer below:


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