Alex Karev: When Will He Fully Be Happy?

Let’s face it, after that midseason finale, Alex Karev hasn’t been able to catch a dang break. But, why? Hasn’t he suffered through enough?

Alex Karev and Meredith Grey are the only two original season one interns left. I wasn’t one of the many dedicated Grey’s fans who watched since day one. Last year I decided to start Grey’s Anatomy from start to finish, the right way. The binge was real, and I left in tears from many events that happened 3-4 years ago. Damn you, Shonda! This show will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I got very invested, and right from the start, I decided that Alex Karev was going to be one of my favorite characters. I have this thing for holding onto characters that are presumed to be that type of “bad guy” because almost always there is always a story behind it all that makes them who they are. Something about Alex grew on me, and I knew he was destined for a great character development as the seasons went on.

He was the most underrated character as well; the underdog hottie that was masked away behind Derek and Mark. I knew he would become a fan favorite character on the show because like many they have a back story that shapes them to who they are in the present.

From the start of season one, Alex was my guy. He was a rude self centered know it all and all kinds of mean, in the beginning of the series. But this guy had a huge heart tucked in somewhere that cares about his patients and his friendships.

He has he been through SO much. He had a rough childhood with a mentally ill mother and an absent father,  failed his medical board exams, his relationship with Izzie, the Ava debacle, and even his father’s death. Now, he could face some serious prison time for assaulting DeLuca in the Season 12 finale.

My problem here is that the writers have blossomed Alex Karev’s character throughout so many seasons yet continuing to write out a path for Alex that might actually cause Alex to ruin a career he’s worked so hard in building for himself.

It could all go down the drain if he accepts this plea in order to protect Jo, his now ex from having to unfold a past she so desperately wanted to leave behind.

Alex’s character is groomed so selectively; his past of being called the “asshole doctor” was forgotten. It’s 13 seasons in and I’m worried for what’s to come for his character after that midseason finale. If Alex goes to prison and takes that deal, they will be throwing away all the good that they’ve built into this character, having him last his far throughout the series.

When will Alex Karev be fully happy? Because I need him to be.

Grey’s Anatomy returns January 26th on ABC.

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