A Recap and Review of Aftermath’s “Now That We Talk of Dying”

We kick off this episode of Aftermath with our trusty Copeland family still making their way through the middle of an apocalypse. Matt Copeland is attempting to console his new friend Sarah after she’s having an epiphany that she’ll probably die tomorrow. At which point an actual meteor storm hits the earth as space rocks are landing all around them. But instead of running like any reasonable person would do, the two start making out in the middle of it. This is the romantic shit people write poems about, I guess.

The rest of the Copelands are being attacked by a Vietnam veteran who thinks he’s in a war fighting for his life. Brianna tries to show him his phone and explains that it’s not 1972, but the guy won’t listen. Dana, in all her smart glory, reveals that maybe this guy time-traveled due to the time funk that’s happening now. Okay, so now time travel is a thing. Does that explain the dinosaur looking things from a few episodes ago?

The Copeland’s are putting two and two together with this time business. So, they’re off to find Moondog to save the end of the world.

They start off by looking for a radio tracker so they can track down Moondog. They find one at a local electronic store but first run into that Vietnam veteran again. This time, he’s dressed as a security guard for the shop. They successfully avoid any issues with him and track down Moondog. All the while, two men from the government are doing some tracking of their own- and this time, they’re tracking down the Copeland’s. Good luck with that, guys!

The Copelands find Moondog! (We think.) John, Dana, and Karen are invited inside his “headquarters.” He shows them a Tesla tower that he has with infinite power. This is what’s powering his radio program. But oh no, the government guys come and threaten their lives if Moondog doesn’t start spitting answers. Surprise! It’s not Moondog. It’s Moondog’s minion. The government guys capture the minion and Josh and demand they be taken to the real Moondog. Josh drives them in the RV, and the rest of the gang follows behind, leaving the twins at the compound.

Josh drives to where he thinks the real Moondog is hiding out and it’s in an RV strikingly similar to the Copeland’s RV. Coincidence? I don’t know yet…Moondog isn’t inside and is nowhere to be found. The government guys shoot the minion because he’s useless now. They’re about to shoot Josh next but Matt, and Sarah sneak up just in time. Sarah’s archery skills are put to good use.

At this point, Moondog finally shows up and welcomes the Copelands inside! Will they all work together to save the world? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!


The season finale of Aftermath airs next Tuesday (12/20) at 10/9c on Syfy.

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