Web Series Review: “Jeff’s Place” – It’s an Unusual Day in This Neighborhood

I recently checked out Jeff Galfer’s latest project, a web series entitled “Jeff’s Place,” and – full disclosure – intentionally went into this completely blind.  Without knowing what to expect, lacking a synopsis or even general idea of the genre, I jumped directly into watching Episode 1 “Mirror Face,” then proceeded to binge-watch the remainder of the series.

I was caught by surprise not only by the format, but the vacillation between thought-provoking mystery and a strange sense of humor that managed to take me off guard and genuinely make me “laugh out loud” more than once.  About 20 seconds into it, all I could think was “I feel like I’m watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood – but for adults.”  That sensation remained throughout the series, which contributed to the overall feeling of familiarity, but the uniqueness and mystery of the overall story served as a reminder that this was also very… different and unusual.

For those who’d prefer not going into it blind: each episode focuses on a specific topic, but each episode is connected with the same characters and overarching theme, following the same Mr. Rogers-esque style.  The series (by Angry King Productions) consists of 6 episodes, with a full run-time of about 30 minutes, and stars Jeff Galfer, Sky Soleil, Jacob Givens, and Andrew Fleischer.  As briefly mentioned, “Jeff’s Place” is a little different from the traditional method of storytelling, but somehow… it works.

For more information (including where to view this web series for yourself), make sure to visit the web page: https://www.jeffsplaceshow.com/. You can also keep up with future projects by liking Angry King Productions on Facebook.

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