Teen Wolf Comes Full Circle in Season Six

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If you are a fan of the first few seasons of Teen Wolf, then get ready, because if the first two episodes are any indication, the sixth season seems to be similar in style. So, what can you expect for this early Teen Wolf-esque final season? All the things you love and more:

Focus on Relationships

In its beginnings, Teen Wolf spent a lot of time portraying and building relationships among its characters, and not just romantic ones. This seems to be a priority in season six as well. There is the mentoring relationship between Scott and Liam, reminiscent of Derek and Scott. Friendships between Liam and Mason and Lydia and Malia. So many great scenes, both fun and significant, between one of television’s greatest bromances: Scott and Stiles. Parent-child relationships, because if you thought the Sherriff-Stiles scene in the preview was heartbreaking, just wait for it to be placed in context. Bring on the tissues. And, of course, Teen Wolf would not be Teen Wolf without some romance. Between Liam and Hayden, Mason and Corey, and maybe even some Stiles and Lydia, season six is filled to the brim.


Perhaps the thing most missing from season five was some comic relief. With a show as tense and terrifying as Teen Wolf often is, viewers appreciate moments that make them smile. Early Teen Wolf made this a priority and season six is doing the same. Stiles in 6×01 is so reminiscent of Stiles in seasons one and two that it’s surprising he does not have a buzz cut. Coach is back in full force. Liam is adorably clueless. And fans are so very happy.

Flashbacks and Similar Scenes

6×01 and 6×02 are full of callbacks to earlier seasons. These episodes have parts specifically meant to remind viewers of scenes from seasons past. There’s a scene that will bring to mind Scott and Stiles practicing lacrosse at the end of season two and another one reminiscent of Scott in the school hallway at the end of season three A. The episodes also have flashbacks and, yes, young Scott McCall is just as precious as you remember him.

The Stiles Comeback

How much does the existence (or lack thereof) of one person affect the world? Between time travel and alternate realities, television seems to be broaching this topic on a variety of series this season. And, in its own way, Teen Wolf is addressing this question as well. While many other shows discuss the broad implications of changing history, Teen Wolf addresses the idea on a more personal level in season six. Previews for the season reveal that Stiles is taken by the Ghost Riders and therefore erased from history. The first couple of episodes portray not only how that happens, but its implications. If there is no Stiles, then how does Scott get bitten? Who helps Malia learn how to control her shift? What life does the Sherriff lead if he’s not a dad? It was the first few seasons that made fans fall in love with the character of Stiles and they understood just how important he was to each of the characters. Season six reminds everyone just how significant he has been since the very beginning.


For its final season, Teen Wolf is getting back to its roots. The first two episodes are beautifully reminiscent of the early seasons and even in the midst of the heartbreak and horror Teen Wolf is known for, fans will smile because this show they care about once again feels like the show they originally fell in love with.


Be sure to watch the Teen Wolf season premiere on MTV on Tuesday, November 15 at 9:00 pm!

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