Roundtable Discussion on Supernatural 12×6 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”

We’re back for another Supernatural Roundtable. This week we are discussing episode 12×6 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” which was written by Steve Yockey. Participating in the roundtable this week are Michele Villery, Jackie Bojarski, Kelly Silva Liz Schweitzer and Emy Cee.

As always, we love your comments. To take part in our discussion, comment at the bottom. And without further ado, please enjoy this week’s topics:


Sam and Dean:


Jackie: First of all, I just want to say how glad I was that we got the chance to see Sam and Dean interact with other hunters again. The show’s forays into hunter culture have always intrigued me, and this episode was no exception. I love that Sam and Dean are something like an urban legend to other hunters, almost like folk heroes–which really shouldn’t surprise us. Sam and Dean, as hunters, have done many exceptional things and it’s nice to see them be recognized for that.

Furthermore, I want to commend the writer of this episode for nailing the brother’s dynamic. It felt natural and easy, like it did in the earlier seasons. I especially appreciated the reflective conversation between the boys at Asa’s wake, in which we see them questioning the hunter lifestyle. I think we’re going to see more of this in the future.

Kelly: This episode started with Sam and Dean dropping in on Jody Mills and ending up eating pizza and watching ‘romcoms’ with her. They volunteer to go with her to Asa Fox’s hunter’s funeral. I love their reactions around the other hunters. Maybe this was the first episode that other hunters were not putting Sam and Dean down as hunters but actually were admiring them. Point in case: Elvis asking Sam about being possessed by Lucifer. He was fangirling over Sam.

When Sam and Dean are talking in Asa’s room, and Dean talks about dying on the job, we see that Sam still struggles with that aspect of hunting. This is another great episode of Dean and Sam working together and taking care of each other.

Liz: They are legends! I am very happy that Sam and Dean were met with kindness and admiration by the hunters, considering a few seasons ago other hunters were killing them!

Michele: It’s official. Sam and Dean are legendary. How about Elvis asking Sam point blank about being possessed by Lucifer like he was a fangirl? It was so cute how the boys interacted with Jody Mills. She is their pseudo-mother. Their comfort level with her, eating pizza and watching chick flicks was so funny and cute. I also love how Sam has done role reversal this year in taking care of Dean. The brother’s relationship this season is fantastic. I’m enjoying seeing the different layers in a way we have never seen before.

Emycee: Sam and Dean at the beginning of this episode were so light hearted it was so refreshing. This whole episode reinforced the two of them are the only things they can rely on. I was devastated for Dean, when they realized Mary had gone to Asa’s funeral. He was so hurt, and angry. Sam as usual, knew what Dean needed, and talking to Mary about it showed that it might have taken 12 years- but the boys finally are communicating openly (YAY). 





Jackie: In respect to Mary, I had some minor issues with what I viewed as canon rewrites. In previous seasons, it was made clear that Mary gave up hunting when she married John, in part because of the demon deal but also because she wanted out. Seeing her hunting the werewolf that was hunting young Asa made me raise an eyebrow because of this. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it wasn’t completely outside the realm of possibility that she would have wanted to tie up loose ends before she “retired.”

I also felt a lot of sympathy for Mary in this episode. I can’t imagine the feeling of dislocation that she must feel. Therefore, I think it’s completely within her rights to figure out where she fits in this new world on her own, regardless of how that makes Dean feels. She didn’t ask to come back; she was brought back against her will. I don’t think Dean understands that yet. Hopefully, Sam can help him have more patience.

Kelly: Mary is such a complex character. In one moment, she is coming out of retirement to save Asa Fox from a werewolf. She knows it’s the right thing to do, but she desperately wants to leave the life and have a ‘normal’ existence. Now she is back and struggling with the same issues. Now that we have more episodes with Mary, I can see so much of her in Sam. Mary admits that being back is a struggle. She unintentionally hurts Dean by spending more time looking up Asa then being with her own sons. Mary showed what she is made of when she told Billie the reaper that she’d have to wait to reap her. She’s still not ready to go back with Sam and Dean, but they bonded over bacon.

Liz: I am really liking the Mary storyline. I loved that the writers gave us an entire episode to show how Mary herself is influential in the hunting world and never stopped hunting, even after she swore she gave it up. She had such and impact on Asa that he wrote to her for years and helped influence one of the greatest hunters who killed five wendigos (drink!) She is getting stronger every day, and I cannot wait to see what badassery she accomplishes next.

Michele: I too am enjoying Mary’s storyline. She never could give up hunting as much as she wanted to. From helping young Asa to this story. Mary in her own right is pretty badass. I can’t even imagine what she is going through. It’s clear Asa meant a lot to her, and she meant a lot to Asa.

She’s easing into things slowly and doing a pretty decent job. I can’t wait until she and Sam can talk about the guilt they both feel for how their lives turned out. It nearly happened in this episode, but I have a feeling it’s coming soon. I can’t wait to see what else we get to learn from Mary.

Emycee:Oh Mary. I wanted to yell at you, and also hug you. I fully understand needing space after being plopped down back onto earth with your fully grown adult sons who you literally have never really known, in the midst of a monster-palooza. However I still don’t know why that space couldn’t be near the boys. But this episode we kind of got that explanation. Mary, like John- seems to be incapable of letting the hunting life go- and will use any excuse to do so. It speaks volumes that Mary would rush to the funeral of Asa, who she saved as a boy but can’t be around her own sons. The parallel seems to say, it’s easier for her to be around nameless hunters, rather than feeling the guilt of family. (Winchester Traits 101)! The entire end of this episode was bizarre, Mary is coming home? But not for a while? There are a lot of unanswered questions that I hope we see later on.


 Demon Possession:

Jackie: This was probably the weakest part of the episode for me. I felt that the writer forgot some vital parts of demon canon–like, for example, hunters can make a demon reveal itself by saying “Christo.” In addition, I felt like this was a good opportunity for the writers to address the question of whether Sam has an anti-possession tattoo anymore, and it went ignored. I also was confused as to why that other hunter killed Asa. Maybe I missed something?

Kelly: I like the old school feel to this demon and how crafty he was until they were able to send him back to hell. The demon warding the house was a nice effect too. However, I have to ask: These are all seasoned hunters, where are their anti-possession tattoos?

Liz: Exactly, Kelly! I am confused why didn’t the hunters have any possession wards/talismans on them? Sam and Dean have theirs tattooed on them, you would think other hunters would be protected as well. Also, I am surprised a hunter house isn’t warded against demons better. But, aside from that, the hopping from hunter to hunter was an exciting element to the episode!

Michele: That was my issue too. You would think that they would know the word “Christo” and have anti-possession tattoos. But that was minor because the demon jumping from person to person added something to this episode.

Emycee:it was great to have TMOTW back again. Also… Cristo. …. That’s all I’ll say. (also Chuck thank demons, or else we wouldn’t have gotten Demon Jody!)




Jackie: This episode introduced us to–and killed off–some exciting new characters who are a part of the hunter culture. My personal favorites? The twins raised by a witch who are also apparently Asa Fox’s children. Please, please bring them back!

Kelly: It’s about time that the Winchester’s met other hunters. Maybe John misled the boys when he told them to stay away from other hunters. It was interesting to watch them all work together to try to kill the demon.

Liz: I loved being introduced to other hunters. They cannot all be Garth (love!), but they are all such interesting characters.

Michele: I too loved the other hunters. It’s so great to see Sam and Dean meet other hunters and be a part of the hunter culture. I loved the reference to Garth and now knowing he is doing fine. I also loved the twins (Asa’s kids), please bring them back!!! They were fantastic. I still don’t get why John didn’t want the boys around other hunters. It was incredible seeing them all do a red-robin like exorcism.

Emycee: I was SO happy we got so many new and diverse Hunter’s this week! The twins were incredible and I hope we see more of them. All in all, I found it so comical that an entire group of Hunter’s thought they would be able to have a gathering with no monsters or anything, nothing you know- Supernatural. All of the fresh blood this week made this episode so exciting.


Jody Mills:


Jackie: I love that they brought Jody back in this episode and delved more into her backstory, too. It was interesting to learn about her relationship with Asa and her connection with the hunter network as a whole. I do wish they would’ve let her interact with Mary more; I feel like Jody could help Mary adjust.

Kelly: I’m always so delighted when Jody is in an episode. She has been the surrogate mother to Sam and Dean like Bobby was their surrogate father. She genuinely cares for the boys. She talks to them in a straightforward way and does it again in this episode when she tells Dean she is here for him if he needs to talk. It was interesting to watch the interaction between Jody and Mary. Especially Jody letting Mary know that Sam and Dean are good men.

Liz: I adore any episode that brings us more Jody! I was FREAKING OUT that Jody was going to get killed. I am so happy she is alive because I am still traumatized over losing Charley, so please keep bringing us more Jody! #waywardaf

Michele: Any episode that puts Kim Rhodes on my screen is bound to be a good one! This episode was no exception! Jody Mills is now a full-fledged hunter. She’s completely immersed in the hunting life and culture. She was dating Asa and has been on her own hunts. I was freaking out when the demon possessed her. Like Kelly stated she is like a second mother to Sam and Dean. I didn’t want anything to happen to her.  Thank God, nothing did.

I also agree with Jackie and would like to see more scenes with Jody and Mary. If Mary needs some blanks filled in about her sons, Jody can do it.

Emycee: JODY!!!! Okay, so everyone who knows me knows how much I love Jody Mills. And also Kim Rhodes so I was particularly excited this week. I see Jody as the Mother Figure Sam and Dean never had, much like Bobby is their Father Figure. Jody has always been around- but she doesn’t try and change the boys, she supports them. Jody is a pillar, again like Bobby and when she was a demon (DEMON JODY- FYI amazing acting, Kim was incredible and … Demons always have that sassy demeanor that is so strangely… Attractive.), Sam did not hesitate to save her. She was never just a vessel. She is Jody. And The boys both knew that Jody wasn’t Jody right. Jody speaking to Mary, Mom to Mom, was also so Jody. She just reaffirmed that Sam and Dean were good men, and reiterated that Mary was lucky. It was very heartwarming. Jody needs to comes back more, in all her hunter glory.




Jackie: I think the hunter network is going to play a bigger role this season than I anticipated, mainly because Mr. Ketch seems determined to either reform or eliminate them. With any luck, we’ll see the twins come back. I also think that Mary’s presence on Earth is going to have some kind of unforeseen consequence, although I’m not sure what yet.

Kelly: The British men of letters may have just found out who the other hunters are if they are still following the Winchesters.

Liz: I am still betting on Mary sacrificing herself to save her sons, but honestly, I am loving what the writers and actors are doing this season, so I don’t even want to guess, I just want to enjoy the ride!

Michele: I seriously don’t know. I think showing the hunter network and the UKMOL are going to play a part in the ultimate showdown between Mr. Ketch and the boys. Plus as much as I love Mary, I have a feeling she will sacrifice herself to make sure the boys are safe.

Emycee: Next week seems like it’s going to Rock! Puns. I am so excited to get the Lucifer plot line going again. And of course… See Castiel (!!) and Crowley again! 


Overall Score:

Jackie: A- (I had to deduct a few points on account of canon inconsistencies). This was still one of the strongest episodes so far.

Kelly: A- I loved this episode.

Liz: A!

Michele: A- Solid episode!

Emycee: A! Steve did a wonderful job. 



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