Exclusive Interview with Walk the Prank’s Jillian Shea Spaeder

Photo Credit: Ryan West
Photo Credit: Ryan West

When it comes to pranking someone, Jillian Shea Spaeder is probably one of the hardest targets out there. This is because she’s usually the prankster, and knows exactly what to look for. The 14-year-old is one of the stars of Disney XD’s hit series Walk the Prank.

As Bailey, the only female lead on the show, Spaeder gets to think up and pull off exciting, albeit some startling hijinks. Now she’ll be back for more, as the comedy was picked up for a second season by Disney XD.

We got Jillian on the phone to discuss what to expect in season two, how she got her pranking start, and whether she’s got any pranks up her sleeves for the holidays.

You guys are heading into your second season of Walk the Prank, but how did you get started in this? Do you remember the first prank you ever pulled on someone?

Oh yeah! So, when I was little, my brother bought this creepy clown head for Halloween. And one year, probably like five or six years ago, my dad decided to hide it in my mom’s bed. Ever since then we’ve all been hiding it in different places, like showers, we hide it everywhere. (laughs). My mom cried.

The show is very different from the others on Disney XD, being a mix of scripted comedy and real life scenarios. Why do you think it’s important for this show to be part of Disney’s programming?

I believe that it’s important for exactly what you just said! The fact that it is something different, the format is so different from any other Disney show. I think it makes it more appealing to more broad audiences.

Does it make it harder for you as an actress to be constantly switching from your character Bailey to your real self?

No, it’s actually way more fun! (laughs) Because in the pranks, I get to play lots of different characters. Sometimes I get to be scared, at times I’m a jock, it’s all so different. It’s so much fun. It’s great.

You’re the only female on the show, in a cast of boys. What do you hope young girls watching take away from your performances?

Well, my character Bailey is best friends with three boys. But she doesn’t let them run her, or be in charge of her. She just does her own thing, and I’m hoping that girls will do the same, and realize that boys aren’t in charge. THEY (girls) rule the world.

Absolutely. From your character, have you changed personally at all in your real life?

I’m just so similar to my character that, I don’t think much!

You’ve said on social media that you’ve run into people you’ve pranked before. What is it like when that happens?

(laughs) Yeah, we’ve pranked so many people that I even ran into a target last night! We’re always constantly running into our targets. We all just go up to them, say hi, they start crying again. It’s great. They’re always way more relaxed because they know us now, and we’re always taking pictures with them. It’s so fun. They trust us now. (laughs).

You guys have built plenty of props for pranks, and use them to decorate the shop. Which one has been your favorite so far?

My favorite is probably sitting on the steps of the front entrance, and it is the giant muffin suit. We did a prank where a muffin crashed through the door, and we got a grown man to scream louder than I can scream. It was just an evil muffin.

Are there any props you’ve taken home with you, or plan to take home at some point?

Aww, the big props we aren’t allowed to take, in case they reuse them. But we always steal the bouncy balls from the set. They just have bins and bins of bouncy balls, and we just steal them. (laughs) They also have candy. We take the candy too.

It sounds like you’ve got everything you need on set!

Yes, we do, it’s our favorite place.

So what can fans expect in season two?

There’s a lot of new stuff coming in season two. There’re some new characters coming, and some new romances coming in. The pranks are just getting better and better and better. So it’s going to be great.

What does it mean to you that you guys were picked up for another season and you get to keep doing this with these people?

I honestly don’t even think of it as work anymore. I just go in to have fun every day. So when we got picked up, I was just like “Oh, cool! More fun every day!” (laughs). It’s great, we get to prank adults and not get into trouble.

What have you come to love most about coming in for the fun every day?

I just love everybody who works on the show. My cast is great, the crew, it’s just everyone’s so amazing and enjoys it just as much as I do. It’s just so great to be on…it’s a big family. We’re all so tight. We all just love each other so much.

You mentioned a lot of new stuff happening this season, what are you most looking forward to at this point?

I’m looking forward to the pranks. We pranked the last three weeks, for the first half of season two, and they got a lot scarier, some of them funnier. They’re just going to be a lot of fun to watch on TV.

After working on this show, do you consider yourself harder to prank?

Oh, way more challenging! When I walk into a room, every time I see a mirror, I hold a flashlight up to it because I’m convinced there’s a camera behind it. (laughs) I can spot cameras from a mile away.

This year, Walk the Prank held a special “Pranksgiving” event. Do you have any pranks planned for your family this holiday season?

Well, my mom’s right next to me, so I can’t tell you! She’s right next to me giggling.

Outside the show, you’re very into the arts and singing. Can we expect more of that as the holiday’s approach?

Yes! I have some original songs that I’m planning to release at some point. We’re just waiting for a good time, and we’re working on lots of new stuff!

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