Book Review: Mixing It Up by Tracie Banister

Mixing It Up is Tracie’s fourth novel, and as with her previous three she introduces us to a completely wonderful protagonist who has flaws, makes mistakes and missteps and ultimately succeeds – even though her goal changes once or twice along the way.

Cecily Sinclair has it all… at least on the surface.  She is a trust fund baby who’s family has been part of the New York City social scene for eons.  Rather than sit back, spend money and enjoy the lavish parties someone is always throwing, Cecily decides that she wants to be a chef!

After training at the Cordon Bleu in France, Cecily comes home and sets out to share her love of classical French cuisine by following in the footsteps of The French Chef, Julia Child.  Cecily gets herself a show, Serving Romance, on a TV Food Network.  Things are going well for Cecily until there’s a shake-up at the network and she is forced to work with her nemesis, temperamental Italian chef Dante Marchetti.

Banister skillfully takes us through the ups and downs of the life-changing developments that Cecily faces and does so with style and humor.  This book made me laugh out loud more than once and never let me down.  Every character is well-drawn and easily visualized.  The conflicts that Cecily faces are relatable, and it is easy to imagine yourself facing some of the same things.  Meticulously described scenes focusing on the food being prepared will make you hungry, even as you’re laughing at the antics of the various players.

Do yourself a favor and get a copy (hardcopy or download) of this fun, funny, and racy romance/adventure.  This is a perfect read for curling up with a soft blanket, a fire, and some hot cocoa (spiked or not).  I recommend this for anything that currently ails you.


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