A Recap and Review of Aftermath’s “What the Thunder Said”

Last week on Aftermath, it was clear that a new threat was coming- a volcano just about ready to blow. The Copeland’s set off to avoid this natural disaster at all costs. This week, however, they run into a few other problems that halt their escape.

First up, the RV breaks down. Because of course, it does. While Josh is trying to fix it, Dana and Martin find it an appropriate make-out spot. Until Karen walks in. She starts grilling him about their relationship and why he wants to be with her daughter. Like, really grilling him. After a slew of questions, she deems him fit to date Dana and leaves them to it. I guess if it were an apocalypse, I’d let my teenage daughter date a guy in his late 20’s too… Right?

In case they weren’t facing enough problems, an earthquake takes everyone by surprise, and they start traveling again. This is when we meet the reincarnated monk. Yeah, you heard me right. As the Copeland’s are meeting this guy, who’s conveniently named Monk, snipers begin shooting at them. But fear not, Monk uses his mind to spontaneously combust the snipers. And then, he heals the gunshot wound that Josh got. I guess Monk can stick around awhile. He seems cool.


Monk has proven to the Copeland’s that they can trust him. So when he tells them that they actually need to travel to the volcano to prevent it from erupting- they totally believe him. He says that there’s a prayer wheel that can grant a wish to whoever uses it. Monk leads Jane and Karen up the volcano to the prayer wheel. Once they get there, however, Jane seems to have her own plan. She wants to bring her dead son back. She shoots Monk, killing him, and then turns the gun on Karen. Jane steps into the prayer circle and gets sucked up in a cloud of dust. Hmm. Monk returns to life and invites Karen to the afterlife with him. Karen refuses. She’s too badass to wimp out that easy.


While all this is happening, the rest of the Copeland’s found a few hitchhikers, who are proving to be more foe than friend. Josh picks up them up not knowing their intent. They start towards the avalanche shelters to avoid the blow of the volcano. As they’re heading there, the hitchhikers put a gun to Dana’s head. While Martin tries to negotiate with them calmly, he gets shot and killed by one. Matt takes this a little rougher than most. He ties a noose around one of their necks and tries to hang her. This show just got a lot more intense. Josh talks him out of it and tells the hitchhikers to leave. At this point, we now have two teenage girls who both lost the “loves of their life.”


At the very end of this episode, the volcano erupts. Karen is still trying to make it down the beast of a mountain and Josh and the kids run into the avalanche shelter. But as the doors are closing, they notice they’re missing one…Dana.


Aftermath airs on Tuesday’s at 10/9c on Syfy.

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