A Recap and Review of Aftermath’s “The Barbarous King”

Wow. Let’s talk Aftermath’s “The Barbarous King” where an awkward family reunion happens; someone steals Brianna Copeland’s DNA, and Dana Copeland gets a little drunk. Kind of.

It all begins when their RV is stopped by a gaggle of leather-sporting gang members. The head honcho of the group pulls a gun on Karen. Bad move, sir. She whips the gun out of his hand and turns it around on him instead in a ninja-like move only Karen Copeland could pull off. But just to make things a little more interesting, this head honcho isn’t just anybody- it’s Grandpa! That’s right, Karen’s own father. Talk about an uncomfortable family reunion. He accepts the family into his compound with open arms (most of the family… he’s not too keen on poor Josh).


They’re making tetracycline there. But all is not as it seems. The tetracycline is laced with something killing all the locals- something good ol’ Grandpa is hiding from most. He sends the Copeland kids on a mission to the town next door to collect some supplies. Karen and Josh are oblivious to this as they’re catching up on some well overdue “personal” time… They’re getting it on, for lack of a better expression.

Instead of pillow talk, Josh lets Karen sleep and begins looking around for the lab that the tetracycline is being made in. He comes across a place known as the “Dead Shed.” Casual. They’re dumping bodies here of people who have been poisoned from the tetracycline. And there’s like, a fair share of bodies. Before Josh can see anything else, he gets whacked in the head with a shovel. Grandpa decides Josh knows too much and sends his hit man to kill him. But before they do, they graciously give him something to take the edge off before death. I guess Grandpa isn’t that bad! But this drug is proving to be way more than Josh and the hit man can handle, so the job never gets completed. A very high Josh Copeland meanders back to the camp to gather his family and complain about Grandpa.


When the Copeland kids arrive at the bar in the town over, the owner is dead- killed by a shapeshifter. So they all get drunk instead! Brianna’s pouring! Because that’s exactly what I do when I find a gutted body. Amirite?

Okay, so it turns out Brianna was stiffing Dana’s drinks, holding back the booze because she thought Dana couldn’t handle it. Dana’s not happy about this and decides she’s sick of being treated like a child. Brianna storms off, stealing the keys to the only vehicle they brought and peaces out. However, she runs into a roadblock- the same shapeshifter who killed the bartender. The shapeshifter takes a big old lick of Brianna’s DNA (so she can shapeshift, duh) and returns to the bar looking like Brianna. She casually walks in and immediately slit’s a guys throat. But then the real Brianna returns and things get interesting. It’s Brianna Copeland v. a Brianna Copeland look-a-like, and these are the things I only dream about!


Karen and Grandpa somehow knew something was up and show up at the bar too. They all have guns aimed at the Briannas, wondering which one is which. But Dana, having twin telepathy, knows which one is which and shoots the shapeshifter. They all happily go back to the camp like nothing ever happened! But surprise! Josh is back there too and tattles to Karen that her dad’s a killer. Like any good mom would, she collects her family and deuces out of there.

Hasta la vista, Grandpa!

But it wouldn’t be an Aftermath ending if something didn’t have us at the edge of our seats until next week. They board their trusty RV to trek on, but as they’re pulling away, Josh begins coughing up blood. Never a good sign. Where’s Aunt Sally when you need her!? Too soon…?


Until next week, feverheads! Aftermath airs on Syfy at 10/9c on Tuesdays.

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