A Recap and Review of Aftermath “Madame Sosostris”

AFTERMATH -- "Madame Sosostris " Episode 106 -- Pictured: (l-r) Anne Heche as Karen Copeland, Levi Meaden as Matt Copeland -- (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Aftermath ULC/Syfy)

And we’re back again for another action packed episode of Aftermath. As if we expected anything less. Things are heating up in the realm of the mythological as Josh tries to find some answers. While he’s out searching for a professor who prophesied all of this, the Copeland kids are finally beginning to realize just how dire this situation really is.

At the end of last week’s episode, we lost Aunt Sally, and it was a heartbreak for the whole family. We start off this week at her funeral- Karen and the family saying goodbye. Small earthquakes begin interrupting the moment, but nobody seems to be bothered. I guess when your world is full of things that are trying to kill you; earthquakes are the least of your problems.

The family splits up to seek answers and collect supplies. Josh, along with Jane, Devyn, and Brianna, head to find Professor Gloria Douglas, who prophesized this. He’s hoping she’ll have insight on where to go from here. The two have an interesting history, though, as he previously called out her research for being a waste of time, so he’s also hoping she forgives him for that. Because it’s clear that it’s not a waste of time.

Josh arrives at Professor Douglas’ office, and the professor herself greets him. Things seem off, though. They start to look for her thesis, but while they’re doing this, the professor raises an axe to Josh, attempting to kill him. Before she can swing at him, Jane shoots her, and the two realize that wasn’t Professor Douglas- it was a shape shifter assuming her body. They set off to find the real Douglas.

They find her in a back room, pouring shots. Because why not get absolutely smashed during the end of the world? The two have differing opinions on how to deal with this apocalyptic situation. Josh is ready to put up a fight and protect his family at all costs. Professor Douglas thinks that’s foolish, that this is it. She proceeds to tell him that they’re standing on the most dangerous volcano on the West coast and all these small earthquakes that are happening, are actually the forewarning that this volcano is about to blow.

Professor Douglas just wants to die and begs for Josh to shoot her. Josh resists but Jane finds no problem with it. Jane puts a bullet in the professor’s heart and leaves her to die in the archive of her life’s work.

While Josh and Jane were dealing with the professor, Devyn is beginning to act strangely out in the RV.

He threatens to kill himself, but luckily, Brianna calms him down before he can do anything. They then get acquainted with shape shifters, as one takes on the body of Josh and tries to kill Brianna. Devyn saves her with an unusual strength, leaving us to question what’s going on with him.

Switching back over to Karen- she’s leading Matt, Dana, and Martin to Camp Gowanus to search it for supplies. However, they’re not the only ones searching the place for supplies- a group of armed prisoners is sneaking around the camp as well. Dana and Martin have run off already, so Matt and Karen are the ones to spot them.

Matt and Karen split up to find the prisoners while Dana, once again, is getting attacked by the mysterious people eating the plant. Martin saves her just in time, and the plant then goes for one of the prisoners.

Matt and Karen get ambushed by the rest of the prisoners. One of them tells Karen that they watched Dana die. Bad idea, prisoner. This puts Karen into full ninja mode, and she takes down two of the prisoners while Matt goes after the third. Karen acquires one of their automatics and just starts unloading on the two, massacring them. Until Karen looks up and sees that Dana had been watching the whole thing.

The RV arrives at the Camp to regroup, and it’s clear everyone has been through a lot. But to make it just a little bit more intense, Devyn knows he’s turning into a Skin Walker. He wants to save Brianna and her family before he hurts anyone.

Brianna thinks he can overcome this, but he knows he can’t. Before anyone can do anything, Devyn grabs a handgun and shoots himself in the head. RIP Devyn. Curtain call for Mitchell Kummen. And an Emmy to Taylor Hickson for an incredibly emotional performance.


Catch Aftermath next Tuesday on Syfy at 10/9c.

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