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The “Brains” Universe Is Expanding with Two New Projects

The apocalyptic world of web series Brains is about to get a whole lot larger.  Undead Burrito Productions has just announced two extended universe projects: Apocalypse Yesterday and dusk of the dead.  Both projects take place within the universe of Brains, and both cite inspiration from Alison Sumner’s vlog.

The short-film Apocalypse Yesterday, set to premiere on December 5th, follows a group of survivors as they adjust to the new post-apocalyptic Los Angeles that they have found themselves living in.  The film is written by Bri Castellini and directed by Vinny Castellini.

The three-episode miniseries dusk of the dead, co-written by Bri Castellini and RJ Davies, expands the Brains universe even further, taking the apocalypse to Wales and chronicling the reunion of two siblings that had been separated after the outbreak began.  The episodes will be released on January 9th, 11th, and 13th.

Missing Alison Sumner, though?  Don’t worry.  She’ll be uploading responses to the stories following her “discovery” of them on December 19th and January 31st.


All projects will be uploaded to the Brains YouTube channel.

Written by Allison Schonter

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