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Attention Lethal Weapon Fans! Here’s Your Chance to Win a Copy of TV Guide Signed By Writer Matt Miller


Calling all Lethal Weapon fans! Here’s an opportunity to win a copy of TV Guide Magazine, featuring our beloved duo, Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford, on the cover, signed by writer Matt Miller. Tune in to the current episode of Afterbuzz TV’s Lethal Weapon podcast, where Alexis and Kelli chat about episode 6 and the chance to win. Listen in for details, leave a comment or rate the podcast and you could be the proud winner of the signed magazine!


Visit Afterbuzz TV now up through November 16th.


You can follow the podcast at:




Lethal Weapon airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Fox.

Written by Arlene Allen

Hello, my name is Arlene Allen, and I love all things nerd: genre tv and movies, books, loud rock and roll music, kittens, conventions, books, graphic novels and superheroes, RPG and tabletop games, and did I say books? Oh, yes. I spent 25 years as a librarian (nerd) mainly working with youth (creating nerds), a number of years as a teacher (more nerd indoctrination). I have my own spawn, leveled up to 22 and my partner in nerdiness. As a nerdy writer, I have found a home at Talk Nerdy With Us.

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