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Rival City Releases Debut Single

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Four years ago, Jeff Gutt became one of the most beloved performers on the U.S. version of The X-Factor. He was able to win over fans throughout his appearances on the program with his heartfelt performances. This is the energy that Gutt brings to his new band, Rival City, and showcases on the band’s new single “Fading Out.”

“I’m beyond excited to finally be putting out the music we have worked on for over a year,” Gutt said. “‘Fading Out’ is one of the first songs we wrote and I can’t wait to hear what the song means to our fans.” 

Alongside Rival City’s song, the band has an unexpected addition: a cover of the classic Marvin Gaye track “What’s Going On.”

“We’ve been traveling a lot as a band over the past two years,” Gutt said of the song. “I remember seeing all the chaos on the news– hearing about mass shootings near our homes, while we were overseas and feeling helpless to lend a hand. We just really felt the need to ask the question, ‘What IS going on’?”

Both “Fading Out” and “What’s Going On” are available now on Spotify or iTunes.

Written by Nathan Badley

When Nathan is not writing about music, he might be writing material for his often neglected blog at Or he might be writing something else. Or podcasting. Or playing music. Most likely he is just watching TV thinking about how he should be doing those things. You can tweet him @badlandsbadley and congratulate him on his mad 3rd person writing skills.


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