Vadawave Premieres New Track, “Escape”

With a little over a month until the release of their debut EP Out of Body, Quinn Allman and Megan Joy, better known as Vadawave, have released a new single “Escape” via Alternative Press.

“Last year Quinn and I went through a very intense period of being passionately investigatory about the “The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ,” which is one of the largest Mormon Fundamentalist denominations and one of the biggest organizations in the US whose members practice polygamy,” explained Joy of the latest track. “We live near ‘Alta Academy,’ which is a school/compound built and run by FLDS leader Warren Jeffs. They have recently torn the buildings down and built a new neighborhood but before they did Quinn and I walked through the ‘academy’ and homes a couple of times, and it was very unsettling.”

“We also found inspiration for the song after reading the book, ‘Escape’ by Carolyn Jessop. She is an incredibly brave and heroic woman who was born and raised in the cult but found the strength to escape after a horrific arranged marriage wherein she was abused to every extent of the word by her ‘husband’, ‘sister-wives’ and many of their older children. This book affected me deeply. After all our research and overflowing passion, we decided we needed to channel some of our anger and heartbreak for these people into music. We went through Quinn’s ideas and the music to this song was immediately apparent. Writing this song felt amazing and is a channel for our feelings about Warren Jeffs and the FLDS in general, but we are still raging inside and looking for any ways we can help the people trapped in the cult or the many who have escaped or been kicked out and are now lost in this world.”

This is the second release for Vadawave, following their previous track “Out of Body.” The married couple has combined the rock origins that Quinn showcased alongside soulful melodies from Joy.


Out of Body is set for release December 9. You can hear “Escape” now at Alternative Press.

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